A 7 day challenge to help you experience a fuller, peaceful and abundant life.

can't change people

First, STOP with the negative self talk and the negative degrading talk  that you aim at others and yourself.  Have you ever heard the saying “If you do not have anything nice to say, then do not say nothing at all”? This week, in less than 7 days. You can Find a new way to react to situations, people and experiences.

  1.  Every time you say or think negatively about another person or yourself, you are putting negative energy / karma out into the atmosphere. And a lot of people are struggling in life just because of negative motivations, karma and intentions they have put into place for others is resounding back to them.  (You know what goes around comes around).  Maybe the person who wronged you did not know they wronged you, I mean maybe. Did you know that energy is neither created nor destroyed.  So those negative thoughts and words are bouncing around out there and will appear somewhere?
  2. If two people have experienced a negative experience with one another, the solution is to TAKE action= forgive, forgive and forgive. Let it go…forgive some more.  Let it go……  This way the healing process can begin.  There is a big difference from putting out negative talk versus seeking effective creative ways for discussing an event that has taken place in your life.
  3. Always accept the responsibility for your part in the experience. Be honest with yourself.  Being free to relate the experience in a creative way is designed to free us, using positive words to describe the event will not keep us in bondage to the scenario.
  4.  As spiritual adults we know more often than not we will have to go through some negative life experiences connected with someone.  The key is to not let the negative story stay on repeat.  When we become aware of the scenario and actively seek healing and resolutions for this experience. We get the lesson. We break the cycle.  We become Free

To experience clarity in this area,  focus on your thoughts and words deliberately. Pay close attention to your thoughts.

For the next 7 days, write down every negative thought, feeling or emotion that you just can’t seem to shake about yourself or another person in a journal.  I know, I know It’s going to be a lot of writing.  But well worth it.

Try to connect the experience to something in your past that happened a long long time ago that has caused this issue to resurface. Always face the truth of the situation.  Talk it out with someone you respect, love and trust.  feel each emotion: shame, fear, guilt, humility into it’s entirety and then find the opposite positive emotion to cancel out the negative emotion = shame = new emotion (feeling empowered to say, think or do something different).

Synchronicity has brought this experience and this person to you.  The question you may be wondering is Why? (This is a clue:  Wherever you are, you are, so each lesson is always about you).

The lesson has shown up so it can be free.  Emotions and thoughts are not owned by you, they want to be released to go about their journey in the world to the next person who wants to learn the lesson.

What lesson do you think this experience has come to show you about yourself?  Is there a pattern to how you react to certain situations? people?

Do you attract certain story lines to yourself?  Always in Distress?  Finding relationships that always leave you feeling worthless? Powerless? Attracting situations, careers and scenario’s  where you have to keep repeating to yourself ” I am broke”  ” I have no money”? “Oh what am I going to do now”

The Universe is not prejudice.  It will send to you whatever energy you are vibrating within yourself.  So it’s up to you to change how your energetic self is showing up in this world.

Not being able to see a crystal clear vision for your life filled with happiness, abundance, opportunities, wealth, health and loving supportive relationships is a clear indicator that you are filled with “STINKING THINKING”

Is there some  iota of truth that maybe this experience and these kinds of situations / people keep popping up in your life because there may be an underlying belief attracting  you to feel worthless, broke and somehow like you deserve to be mistreated and disrespected in life.

The only way to find out is to give yourself a spiritual health check.  For the next 7 days, keep a journal about all the negative thinking that you may do in one day.  I promise you that at the end of the week.  You will have changed the way you see yourself and others.

Negative Experience:

Negative Thought:

Action words that make this thought have power over you:

What part did you play in the negative experience?

What part did the other person play in this negative experience?

Can you forgive the person and this experience?

Are you willing to stay in a relationship with this person or do you believe this person is not worth it?

Did you learn the lesson?

How do you feel these thoughts has brought awareness within your body or environment? (have you had frequent headaches, chest pains, fears, poverty, filled with anxiety, fidgety? lack, facing one situation or another constantly)? Blocking love?  Blocking prosperity?  etc.,

If you follow a thought to its origination you will discover it is a learned thought that incites certain behaviors, emotions, feelings and actions.

thought:  I am hungry

Feeling: tummy rumbling,

emotion: happy , excited

Actions: putting everything into place to get food.  (Order food, cook food, buy food) etc., a million actions are put into place by you and others to get food to you.  And did you notice how it all began with just a thought
“I am hungry”

With the information you just learned today, you can challenge yourself to change your world.





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