“The First time someone shows you who they are, Believe Them” Mayou Angelou

Hello my Love,

I pray all is well with you.  I hope you are continuing to strive for the good things instead of the negative things in life.  I pray that you are enjoying striving for the journey of diminishing negative events, negative experiences and negative people from your lives.  We all have to do this from time to time.

Striving to live from a place of love and happiness is not an easy task on the path of life, so many negative, experiences, events and people can come into our lives. You don’t even have to invite these negative people!  Sometimes these people can come into your life because they like the center stage and their ultimate goal is to pull you into the dark cave of negativity and darkness from whence they came. 

This is when you can choose to step up to the plate and say to negative people “I SEE YOU”  once you let those whose negative

cynical perceptions, ideas and thoughts become aware that you “SEE THEM” and you don’t block their vision and dreams to live within their own perceptions of sadness and misery (which is their life). Yet, they will try to bring these kinds of dysfunctions of being into your life. Until you verbally tell them to stay in their own dark cave, they will come to try to take the light of love and happiness from your life.

For whatever reasons negative people show up, my guess is that spiritually, mentally, emotionally they live within a place that is surrounded by hatred, judgments, sadness and misery (and we all know that misery loves company, its amazing how negative people can find lots of people to be negative with them…..) so negative people are more than happy to keep you living in their negative worlds and spirals of unfair judgments, opinions of negativity and unhappiness, they would love for you to share this outlook with them. 

Hmmmm, my question to negative people is “If you are not happy being miserable, why invite other people to live in a life of misery with you?”

Life is too short for all the drama’s………………………….. especially when you can choose happiness instead.  Choosing to have a life that is sweet! Is more rewarding.  LOVE  is way more inspiring and attractive than living in negativity or HATE.

Let other people have their misery and you can focus more on your happiness.

Negativity, spites, and hate coming from within the person is a revelation of who they are. Continue to seek your path of true love, health and abundance.  This is your life so it is up to you to choose people who will uplift you, support you, motivate you and encourage you.

When you see venom and poison coming out of negative persons opinions, voices, and their own constant non-stop thoughts of others are negative, spiteful, humiliating or downgrading then this is when you recognize and know who the person is by their own verbal admissions of cynicism, negative opinions, negative perceptions, beliefs and thoughts.

I choose to love the person and become mindful of their behavior and mannerisms.  And then I strive to become an even more loving person. Thinking of the good benefit of those people who live in continuous negative thoughts and patterns. 

Being in relationships with this kind of negative person can be very challenging. You never know from one moment to the next what is going to set them off.  You never know what they are going to complain about from day to day, and you never know what it will take to make them happy.  Most of the time they are never happy, and probably never will be.

You have to ask yourself what is more important?  Being in love with life and striving to have happiness, joy, peace, love and abundance in your own life

Or spending your time focusing on negative people and who they show you that they are.

My love my advice to you today is you can choose to ignore negative people (the world is full of them) and once (they show you who they are; see them for who they are); send prayers of love to them and then continue to ignore the negative people some more and keep living, doing and being happy 🙂







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