“Negative and D…

“Negative and Dysfunctional people are walking physical cancers to your happiness ….

Deciding to Keep them around at some point spiritually, mentally you will die” –
Tyrese Gibson
Beware of ‪#‎SpiritKillers‬ ‪#‎DreamKillers‬


8 thoughts on ““Negative and D…

  1. Really need to hear this right now, I think you’re right. In the process of letting go of someone major to my life, who is deeply dysfunctional. But you know? When you love em’ the temptation is to try to find a way.

    But there are times, when it seriously is wiser to let go…

    • Hello Godstix, We all have loved people who have been nice to us only to turn on us in the same day (Dr.Jekyll / Mr.Hyde) and treat us any way less than pleasant. And even though we know this kind of behavior towards us is unacceptable, we do try to hang in there hoping the other person would by a glorious miracle change. But more often than not, negative people will latch onto us, because they know they can keep unleashing their poison into our lives, because they know we are tolerant to enable the negative behavior. One blog that I love to keep up to date with is Tela’s blog (which explains more in depth about dysfunctional relationships. Maybe you could visit her blog. The link is below. I hope this helps 🙂


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