I am a believer! oops I may have stepped on some toes :)

I believe in God

I am a believer in love      Image

True unconditional love that is (true unconditional love can only be attained without judgments!)

I am a follower of Jesus Christ

I know I am about to step on some toes here. And I am humble, but sometimes you have to say what causes your heart to be heavy. And mine heart is heavy.

People that I love are being put down and not even giving a chance to love and minister to others because of hatred and private agenda’s of some other people who claim to be loving and compassionate.

I feel the need to apologize to all the people who have been hurt by Christians and Religious Sects of People who have had self serving agenda’s in getting the message across which has been shown to others as mean, put downs and degrading. Even to the point of hurting people and wounding their spirit.

My God is a God of Love

The only true message of God and Jesus Christ…………………….. is the Message of Love

When I look out into the world

My God shares everything with everyone,,,, not holding back any of it to prejudice, religious dogma’s, securities or beliefs!

“AIR”  “WATER”  “SUN” “EARTH”  “HIS VERY OWN BREATH!”  My God gives to all freely……….. he doesn’t pick a color, or a race, or a culture or a ethnicity, or a gender, or an age….. or a location, or a job title etc..,,,,

He gives his gift of life and love to all who has graced the face of this Earth

Love is all there is

And all there is………… is Love!

I believe that no one on the face of this earth can judge another person (although there will be many who will try and some will succeed) only to render judgments against themselves or their families at a later date of time.

And those who try to judge others are not even worthy of tying the shoes of Jesus Christ, yet he will wash the feet, and tears away of many. My God, nor My Jesus Christ has a hardened heart towards anyone.

And still gives as freely today as they did so many thousands of years ago.

God loves all, no matter what it is that we have done, said or believed.

His Love is what is reconciling us all back to him.  You nor I have to listen to anyone who speaks contrary wise.  When you wake up the same gifts God gives the person who is judging you, he gave to you also.

The right to breathe

The right to speak

The right to look into the sky

The right to live on earth

The right to enjoy the ocean

The rights to live life and live life abundantly

The scribes and pharissee’s, governments even designed their own court houses.  In this world system that gave people the power to judge and to condemn.

look at how their judgment and condemnation system even failed GOD HIMSELF!  STOP IT!


And yet, God still did not even Judge them they were still allowed to (LIVE, BREATHE THE BREATH OF GOD, ENJOY LIFE, AND SEE THE BEAUTIFUL HEAVENS) And they murdered the creator of the earth which they were enjoying!

Yet, still people judge,

Just think if the courts, scribes, judges and people would have had more compassion and empathy Jesus would have lived. And we could have learned more about loving one another and living in Unity.

And if we cannot learn from the mistakes of those who rendered the unjust judgment against Jesus, and make better choices and decisions to not judge……..  He had wronged no one. He came to show us how to get along with one another.

Now what are we going to do?

Create more facilities of love, create more compassion, create more understanding , seek to heal and not to hate….. this is a task assigned to all of us.

Design schools that seek to teach children as early as four……. the history of love, compassion and empathy?

 Create a classroom syllabus that integrates love, and non-judgment, and promotes unity and working together?

The killings in the school system needs to stop.  The children committing these crimes are hurting. Families are being torn apart. Our children are showing us how we behave as adults.  They are being bullied, put down, judged for being different etc., and in return more killing and selfishness is breeding.

But how can the children learn at this rate if the adults and the government are not sitting up and taking notice of how to create more love, unity, forgiveness, non-judgment and peace to our very own children?

  Matthew 7:1-2

“Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged, and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again”

3 “And why beholdest thous the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considereth not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

We have all been judged within the systems that we live amongst. 

And I have come to tell you, there was a time in my life when I always had my own personal agendas for judging others. But I began to see that I was part of the problem.

I believed in systems……..A system of judging that continued to sow hatred and discord within my own heart.

Once I let those ways of being go.  I was free 🙂  I knew I would never judge anyone else.  I seek to support now….

I support love, prosperity, health, peace, happiness, joy, and abundance in all of my fellow human beings lives.

If I feel a different response towards a situation or experience, I graciously allow it to pass me by…….

I have yet to meet one single person who has a heaven or hell to place any one on this earth in.  And foolishly trying to place people in a man made heaven or hell only puts oneself into the place of hell and judgment

So why don’t others leave the judging up to the one who has a heaven or hell to place others in? still boggles me to this day!

God has placed us all willfully on the journey that he saw fit!

I love the biblical recounts of the events of Jesus life and history, because in all of his sufferings, trials and tribulations, Jesus still only spoke of love and not hate. Forgiveness and reconciliations.  Even if the sinners or wrong doers (murderers were putting him to death) his statement to his father should make those of us who seek daily to judge cringe. 

As Jesus was being spit on, beaten, accused and humiliated and also being set up to be murdered by his accusers and wrong doers he spoke these words  Luke 23:34  “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do”. And they parted his rainment and cast lots.

When lead to judge a prostitute Jesus told those who was holier than thou “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”  John 8:7

Jesus claims he is the son of God, and he alone was the only one who could judge her.  But did he?


This was to show people that we all have wrongs in our lives.  And just maybe if we spent enough time trying to gain freedom in our hearts for ourselves (mentally, emotionally and physically) we will not have as much time to focus on judging someone else journey.  And if God has compassion on you for your wrongs and sins, why wouldn’t he have compassion on someone else?

Also, if God is powerful enough to seek you out on your journey do  you not believe that he will seek out those who are lost also?

God is a GIFT of love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and seeks ways to reconcile the world to love and forgiveness.

I can say I am disappointed in the ego’s of people who consistently needed to satisfy a deep urge to be right.  When the journey of those who are being judged is consistently downgraded to being judged based on individuals who have their own personal agendas and uses these agendas to attack others viciously. Just to satisfy an urge to be right!

When does it stop?  Leave the judging up to God…… and if God doesn’t judge people then why should any of us be the designator to render judgment? why harbinger and chain ourselves to the outcome of judging?

Whatever you seek to create upon this earth will only multiply that of the original intent in the motivations, intentions, desires of which has been created.

If you create lies you will only create more lies, if you create sadness you will only create more sadness, if you create abuse you will create more abuse, if you create

Destructions you will only creates more experiences to reveal only more destructions

Why not us create love and create more love?

Why not us create happiness and create more happiness?

Why not us create joy and create more joy

Abundance creates more abundance

Why not us create more wealth?

Why not us create more prosperity?

Why not us create more health?

Healthy lifestyles creates more healthy lifestyles etc., you follow my drift?


My love today is a beautiful day!  Enjoy all the Love and Gifts of Life that God has blessed unto you.

Enjoy the sunshine, walk upon the earth and admire it’s beauty, share a smile with someone today (you both breathe the same breath of God).  Sing and Dance! If you have an opportunity visit the vast Ocean or A serene beach and take in all the beauty that God has created.  Enjoy your GIFT of LIFE and LOVE from God, himself 🙂





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