Dear God, I really love this person :)


Dear God,

I really love the person who is reading this post today and my prayer is for them.

God, I believe with every fiber of my being that we are all here upon this planet for a reason. I am gentle, humble and sincere. I feel that my purpose in life is to love others, inspire others, pray for others and motivate others to never give up! 

Dear God,

I really love the person who is reading this post today and my prayer is for them.

May you show this beautiful, loving person favor upon this earth.  May you open doorways for him or her that they once thought was closed.

As these new doorways open, my prayer is that they have new visions and dreams for their life.  A life that is filled with health, love, peace, blessings, prosperity and abundance!

Dear God,

I really love the person who is reading this post todayImage

My prayer for this person is that you increase the love in every area of their lives and relationships.  May those who will nurture, support and encourage them appear in their lives to help them along their journey.


For those who are sick, Dear God I pray that you send your love through the corridors of the heart as you touch each and every doctors and nurses hands to help them to heal. Lead those in the profession to help the person to path of healing in every area within their body

I pray that their sickness takes second seat to the multitudes of love that will surround them that will help assist them to heal and overcome any hardships that comes along with their illness and sickness.

May thousands of angels be dispatched to their sides to comfort them and offer kindness, empathy, support and compassion for each moment of pain that is subject upon their bodies.

I pray that those who have suffered abuse, shame, guilt, and humiliation at the hands of others will come to you and show you their wounds and battle scars that they have received from unjust and unloving people upon the face of this planet.  May their spirit open wide allowing you an awesome God and Father  to many to heal their broken hearts, to restore the will of positivity to their minds and spirits and to have their minds restored to them that allows them to create new memories with new relationships that will never compromise their safety, rights, security and foundation in this world.

Father, God I pray for those who may have lost their jobs or do not have enough money at the end of the month to cover their living expenses. 

I pray that the thoughts and ideas of poverty and lack be replaced with a new conscious of abundance, plenty and prosperity and wealth.  May their lives be filled with a constant outpouring of abundance. 🙂

I ask that doorways of opportunities manifest themselves in the essence of miracles to allow whatever has been devouring their livelihood and finances to be cast down, no longer to cause any sufferings to themselves or their families.

My God, My Father, My Creator,

I really love the person reading this post today

I ask that you send angels upon angels (several thousand) to surround and guide this person to the places of love and opportunities, and positive possibilities!

That you will bless their gifts, talents and creativity a hundred fold and return to them a life filled with abundance, blessings and prosperity for their efforts of belief, hope and faith and have continually been sowing good seeds into this world.

May their lives be filled with love, respect, honor, peace and understanding from all of those they come into contact with from this day forward.

May smiles of sunshine shine and illuminate their faces and the faces of their loved ones. May they find reasons from this day forward to dance, smile and sing. Just because they are here in this date, time and moment!  🙂

If they have children, May their children be a crown upon their heads.

If they have husbands or wives may their relationship be the glow to show others how to become a unity of one (respect, love, communication, trust, truth, honor, listening to one another, sharing and caring.)

If they are in relationships may the relationship be filled with the attractions of health, trust, companionship, truth, and compassion for one another.

May they be blessed with an open heart to live life in clean, honest adventurous way and seek to understanding of your kingdom of heaven (which is no doubt a kingdom of love).

May today their lives be filled with a desire and passion to LIVE and not to just mainly exist.

May you cover their hearts with your own divine love and may your love shine through their heart to shine upon others who see’s them.

May the mirror of love reflect through their eyes and may their eyes light up brilliantly with the remembrance of the divinity you have placed within them.

May they create memories of happiness, joy and enthusiasm of their journey here upon earth.




Dear God, I really love the person reading this post and my sincere desire for them is to have and live life abundantly

John 10:10

“I am come that they may have life , and that they might have it more abundantly”






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