Spirit Gets Real #3 READ WITH PASSION; your going to need it!


Hello Love,  we have to keep moving!  we are almost there! follow me this way onto this path. As we have traveled thus far, you have allowed me a great opportunity to discuss several topics with you.

We have covered several topics, ranging from our thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and actions. To discussing a detoured subject of the essence of our relationships and when is it that we decide that we are in love?

We have had to make some adjustments.  We have had to see what is really emotionally and mentally driving us. I am passionate! I direct my love and ball of energy directly to you, the object of my affections.  I am sending you a powerhouse of love today.  So please read this with passion!

Is it the fear? then time to deal with it (walk right up to your fear and say it’s either you or me? and I think it is going to be me 🙂  I’ve earned the right to be here.  And I am ready today to deal with whatever fears that has been holding me back from enjoying my life. (With tears streaming down my face, I humbly set out to achieve all of my goals) I should be able to do anything that I set my mind to doing.  I am centered and calm and I can accomplish my goals, dreams, visions and plans. I follow my plan and I make things happen and I am interested in my life and day by day I look for ways to improve my life. I do whatever I can to meet my fears, obstacles and roadblocks.  And I use everything , every tool that life has blessed me with to get to my destiny!.

Is it loneliness? get connected (join a dance group, a pottery group, a book club) anything that can replace the feelings of isolation, rejection and loneliness….Choose something fun and relaxing that has been a goal for you to go back to doing something that you LOVE and have consistently put off.  Choose today to join that special interest group of like minded individuals who can help you to feel connected and get on moving towards your vision for your life. If the group doesn’t exist (CONGRATULATIONS)  you can create it yourself! and invite others to join you.

Is it poverty or lack of funds?  It’s time that we all begin to learn about finances, abundance, wealth and prosperity. There are no exceptions! Quit putting it off. Please do not continue to let old, outdated memories and thoughts of wealth and prosperity keep you bogged down with the POVERTY / LACK SICKNESS.

In order to live a life that is stable and supportive, you have to understand how money works. Know what money’s strength and weakness is within your life. Know what it is that blocks you from success or creating a multiple stream of abundance and prosperity. Feel within yourself and understand why you feel constricted when it comes to giving money or spending money.  Money has a flowing energy and should flow in and out of our lives.  You have a reason for living.  And a very powerful purpose for your life.  Is it your fear of success or fear of failure. Having a belief for yourself (ignoring what others belief about you amounts to) Would you rather sit day by day, not knowing what all the wonderful things that you can do with your life?  Whatever the situation, the opportunity is that it is your time to relax and unwind and let go of any concerns and blockages that have limited wealth into your life experience.

Is it unhealthy emotional and mental eating? Let’s get to the bottom of why you have been eating unhealthy, what void are you trying to fill.  Who or what is it that you are up against that keeps hurting you? running you to the pattern and habit of harming your health. Whereas instead of honoring yourself you are turning to unhealthy food choices and behaviors that can keep you living a life that is not healthy nor beneficial for you. 

Is it the deep darkness of isolation, sad emotions that has kept you living in constant darkness of depression and sadness? You are an amazing and powerful and beautiful person and you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect and you deserve to see the sun shinning, you deserve to feel the nurturing of the world supporting you and encouraging you to take one step, one moment at a time to be completely at ease in creating your life of happiness.  

You honor yourself in every situation in your life. So with relationship, it’s time for you to take a stand and notice now with your new found confidence, you expect to be treated better, you look for healthy connections that are kindly and with respect. And if you realize that you are not being treated kindly or with respect you immediately leave the experience or the relationship until the other person realizes that they are not providing a supportive, encouraging or positive situation / experience for you. And this is the time for you to stand up for your self.  We will not justify others negative actions or behaviors towards us.  This is your divine birth right! Always protect yourself. Listen to yourself. This restores your inner power and spiritual beauty back to you. And allows you to radiate love and shine brightly onto your path.  And anyone who does not respect your inner spiritual beauty does not need to be in a relationship with you! They need to face a new reality! (and it is without you in it).

We all have had to make a lot of positive changes and adjustments to our life on this life journey! I am glad you were born! You are distinct!  You are Unique!  and I am proud and happy for you that you have life! You never gave up! You should Do your Happy Dance! It’s been a wonderful 2 months for me walking this journey with you.  LOL  I hope it was as good for you as it was for me 🙂

And I know it’s hard to allow your mind to relax when you are not sure of the path I am leading you away on. I guess all I can say is you have to trust me (I have a great big smile!  I show almost all of my 32 teeth when I smile) My eyes light up often!  Good!  I am so peaceful and at ease.  And I enjoy each beautiful wonderful day when I awaken. I enjoy connecting with you.  And my prayer is if I can bring one ray of sunshine to one person.  Thank God,  I

You too deserve the best. Today smile as brightly as you can  Why?  Because the best YOU have shown up again for this journey of the path in this moment.

You haven’t given up yet!  You are still trying! One moment at a time……you move forward to your destiny of clarity, focus and joy!

Every breath you take, every step you have made this far has been taking you to the place to the many different opportunities and possibilities for your life of achievement.

The journey has been difficult, and at times the path seemed so cluttered and impossible to complete.

But doesn’t it seem as though now, you have a new lease on life?

You have learned that it takes effort from you to get to the places of peace, love, happiness, health and abundance.

Slowly you have had to release thoughts and people who no longer serve your idea of happiness, joy, health and abundance.

And this is okay.  At times we have to do the hard work so we can get to this relaxed state of mind.

Don’t feel alone, and don’t feel like no one else has had the experiences that you have had. 

And please, please……never…….. never, ever feel that you are alone.

Trust me when I say we all have received our shares of lumps, bumps, bruises, disappointments and failures. It’s all a part of life.

The important point to remember is even though you have been through so many difficult times and hardships.

You have held onto the vision of admiration of a positive view of your life.  PERFECT!

The magic key is to keep going.  The golden key is to still believe in yourself, your value, your goals, your dreams and your visions.

My love I can only make suggestions here, and I hope my suggestions become a part of your new conscience of how important you are to the world!

The world needs you, the world needs your confidence, the world needs you to smile, think positive and believe in yourself and your goals.  I believe in you and I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

The world needs you to tell them how you overcame depression, how you lost all the weight, how you begin your business, how you wrote your book, how you survived your horrible relationship, how you endured the hardest moments of your life .,etc

The world needs to know that you still have dreams and visions that have been consistently been kept alive within you and today grows with a passion and fervor so great you are about to burst.

If at all possible, do your best to remain focused on what is important to you my love. 

It’s time to unwind and let go! a time for love, peace, happiness, joy, prosperity, abundance, and health





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