The most worked Organ in the body (THE HEART)



I write because I love (My Heart) to write, I love (My Heart) to imagine the many smiles and silly giggles that may comes across someones face when they read a post from me. Interested in what I have to say. I love (My Heart) knowing that there is someone out there that will read my inspiration and have courage to live their best life today.

I love (My Heart) connecting with people! For me the connection speaks volumes “Hello, I see your work and I love it”  “It’s really nice to meet you” ” Your photography inspires me” “Your poetry literally transports me into a divine spiritual essence”  “Your writing is a stress relief for me and helps answers my questions” “Oh wow, I thought I was the only one that felt that way” and the list goes on and on.

The above quote beginning this post comes from Henry Ford.  And we all know who Henry Ford is right? (unless you been living under a rock or in a cave, you may not know or may not have even heard of Henry Ford).  lol *Just a little Spirit Humor

Any hoot, if you do not know, who Henry Ford is, I will tell you a little of what I do know. Henry Ford owns Ford Motor Company who created the Mustang (the Ford Mustang 🙂 My favorite car), sexy, sleek, and fast (the sound of the dual cam engines, right?)…..ahhhhh…. yes,  stroll down my wish memory lane, I love (My HEART) the Ford Mustang, designed by the Ford Motor Company.

Keeping in motion the point I am trying to make and the connections I hope you gain from this post is Henry Ford was smart enough to hire a team of individuals to create the Ford Motor for my favorite car (Ford Mustang), I LOVE (MY HEART) the Ford Mustang! and at the same time Henry Ford hired a group of individuals whom worked on the design of my favorite car (Ford Mustang). 

Henry Ford had the vision. Yet, he knew that in order to have success and to get where he was going he needed to work together with other people and at the same time Henry Ford had to also be willing to help others.

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of successful people DO NOT WORK ALONE! most successful people work together with a team of individuals (other people) to get their vision growing and living. It’s as if the pieces come together just for the moment to fuel one common vision or goal that can be shared with the world. And enters “SUPPLY & DEMAND”

My Love (My Heart), if you have a dream or a vision that you need help creating more connections and views for, if you are trying to build your business or blog following but just can’t seem to find enough hours in the day, if you are craving more time for creating connections with others on your blog to inspire them to make healthy positive change, or you simply want to inspire other readers / bloggers to join your book club 😉 or maybe you are seeking being connected with like minds all over the wordpress blog world,

(*note —-If we follow the paths laid down for us by individuals with genius creativity (Including Henry Ford) and several others then we too should also be able to follow / duplicate the exact same process / path to success in creating our own dreams and visions). 

In the connections department I do know the right person that can help assist you if you are looking to create more blog connections.  His name is Opinionated Man (OM) of Harsh Reality blog

this person is someone whom I believe to be a connection genius 🙂 I go for the I got to see it to believe it myself, because I do a lot of metaphysical spiritual work myself and seeing is believing!

I have been consistent (as promised ) to make love deposits into your heart, mind and spirit from the very beginning of my blog and on a frequent and regular basis, and with humble beginnings I started out with 66 followers.  With the help of Opinionated Man, (OM), Blog Name (HarSH Reality) I was able to connect with well over 250 more bloggers! And yes, I will say I am impressed.  Om’s ability to reach others and the mastery of how wordpress works is not a small feat nor easy task. It does take time, dedication and intuition. Opinionated Man (Om) He has be be that someone that has courage, dedication, dependability, confidence and calmness (great qualities may I add) to get followers and to help bloggers reach an audience to spread the message, vision or help to make the connections. His heart (LOVE) has to be working frequently in order to accomplish the goal at hand. When it appears that it is his other body parts that is working this hard (do not be mistaken) This is from the heart, his willingness to offer the skills of his helping hand, having the clear vision in his mind and spirit and his dedication to see a project through to the very end and his sincerity to reach out to others. I tell you OM’s teamwork in helping me to get followers for my blog is beautiful! and I am happy to say that with Om’s ability, you may be one of several new persons reading my blog 🙂

If you need someone to teamwork with you and help you to share your message of hope, read your poetry of beauty, be inspired by your book, or make connections via blog within the world of wordpress

Opinionated Man (Om) of Harsh Reality is your go to Connections Genius.

I love it! I want to read every blog. 

I live from a place within my heart (My LOVE). My heart (My LOVE) never rests, always beating to connect with others. Swelling with energy to fill others with love and inspiration. I am ever looking for ways to hear the countless other stories of triumph! victory! success!  This is how I operate from My heart (LOVE SPOT) 🙂 .

My love enjoy your life of love, beauty, joy, abundance, prosperity, caring, wealth, sharing, visions, goals, wealth and peace




8 thoughts on “The most worked Organ in the body (THE HEART)

  1. I am following both you and OM Harsh Reality, and enjoying the posts. I’ve been on WordPress for a while, however, not using it as frequently as I should because of the frustration I feel learning the technical parts of things. For instance, I get email saying, “So and So is now following your blog,” and yet can’t find them on my page. I can’t see comments or likes on my page other than privately on the individual posts. I want to be the master of my domain lol. Well, let me not go on… I simply would like to understand and be competent on WordPress. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the blogs of others and learn as I go (and accept any help ;)) Happy blogging!

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