Learn to Swim in Your Ocean


Learning to swim in the Ocean of troubled thoughts and emotions is not easy I know, This is why I learned to become a pretty good swimmer. For me I know it’s no fun learning to swim in sadness, pain, guilt, sorrow, poverty and shame, these are turbulent waters. We are going straight for the middle ground here; the place where their is unity, harmony and calmness. Therefore I am trying to inspire you with wisdom of how to swim in happiness, love, peace, joy, abundance and health.  Also,this is why I create these daily love deposits to help inspire, motivate and encourage you. Hopefully today’s love deposit will motivate you to swim when it seems as though your waves (thoughts) and water (emotions) are disrupting your mind (Ocean)

The Ocean (mind) itself is not a bad place, but there are times because of the natural ebb and flow of life processes (experiences, issues, sicknesses, environments, genetics, situations, relationships etc.,) the waters (emotions) can become quite troubling and the waves (thoughts) are huge and disruptive. When the waves (thoughts) and waters (emotions) of your Ocean (mind) are disturbed, turbulent and tossing you back and forth.

First thing you can do, is stop fighting your huge Ocean. When your consistently fighting to keep from drowning in your Ocean you are working against the current of your Ocean (which is bigger than you are at the moment). This means try to stop! Do your best at not piling more turbulent thoughts on top of other sad emotions that are already drowning you. If you can find this place within, where you can take a break from living a life plagued by the injustice of confusion, negativity, doubts and distractions (this is called alone time, prayer time and meditation time).(2 min, 4 min or 6 min) will help 🙂 if you can find mere minutes a day to think of some happy thoughts, and speak some loving words over yourself and vision great things happening in your life, your Ocean will begin to move in that direction.

Know what this looks like in imagination, if you have ever seen the Ocean, on surface it looks smooth, massive, awesome, calm and relaxed and beautiful.  However there is an undercurrent moving the massive ocean underneath that is more strong and powerful as 100 x’s man made most powerful locomotives. The Ocean is an massive energetic being of its own right. The only time most of us are aware that the Ocean has a disturbance is when we see the 6 foot waves or the gigantic tsunamis heading for land. Then it’s time for everyone to run for cover.

Now taking this information back to your Ocean(mind), when your waves (thoughts) and your waters (emotions) are seemingly disturbed.

As you come up out of the water (emotions) remember to try get in a deep breath. This breathing technique keeps you connected to your center; breathe and relax (thrashing around and about in your Ocean of emotions and thoughts will only tire you out). And trying to keep from drowning in your Ocean (mind) when you are tired, is the equivalent to depression. It feels like you can no longer fight the waves (thoughts) or the water (emotions) any longer. Your Ocean looks as if it has beaten you and you may have given up hope that your Ocean has no end.  But you and I know this is not true.  There is dry land all around you. You can try to remain calm, relaxed and focused to try to figure out the best loving and positive way that you can get there.  or allow someone (like me)  in the little tugboat that could 🙂 to help you get there.

A good place to start with is what is what are you aware of as your truth? Trying to live someone else truth is confusing at best, so focus on your experience and your truth of your emotions and thoughts. If someone is hurting you do not be afraid to see the truth of how this person is disrespecting you? Not valuing you? Not Loving you?  What, and / or who is hurting you?  Sometimes we hurt and limit ourselves the most by not listening and being honorable to ourselves, not trusting ourselves to reveal the truth to ourselves. I once had a childhood friend who literally couldn’t believe or accept that her family member was hurting her. He was abusing her sexually and telling her “You better not tell anybody, because they want believe you” (and because she valued his words, thoughts, and experience more than her own……she had abandoned herself and set up a block within her mind that repeatedly kept telling herself that what she was going through emotionally, and physically and feeling was not true), when in fact it was true, but she was so afraid of what others would believe, think or say more than she was concerned for her own safety, and what she was honestly experiencing! Amazing! 

My love always swim clear of people who come to take away your validation! I see you! and I hear you!

What is troubling and / or distracting your Ocean ( Mind) at this moment to cause you to feel like your drowning in water (emotions) and being tossed back and forward in your (thoughts)?, again the first thing you could try to do is remain calm in your sea (you never know who has jumped in to try to help and save you, * when one person is drowning, He or She will grab hold to whomever is near and pull the helper in and down under with them, a potential for both persons to drown. This is partially why lifeguards or people who are trained to help (firefighters, policemen, Doctor’s etc…. are trained to help get the person calmed down first or to the stage where he or she is no longer in panic mode and are more willing to allow others to help bring them up to safety) if they are in panic mode, operating from a place of fear, and thrashing about they can hurt others who are trying to help them.  it’s hard to have an clear, focus thinking mind when you are operating from panic mode. The thought for the person whom is drowning is (I am drowning) however the people (who are not afraid of drowning) are the ones swimming around him or her at the same moment  (are not living from the same place of fear) and they have jumped into the Ocean with the person to save them from their fear and thoughts of drowning.

Now its time to take a piece of your Ocean (thought) or (emotion) and focus on just one to make your Ocean smaller, so you can conquer only the parts of the (wave) that you can surf, row boat or canoe into your immediate sphere of change. (from water to dry land) 🙂

Thanks to wonderful survival skills and people who have jumped into to help.  You have been saved out of the troubled Ocean (mind) filled with turbulent waters (emotions) and gigantic waves  (thoughts) and you rest beautifully in unchanging bliss upon the shores of the Ocean. 

What if you keep swimming in your Ocean (mind) and her comes more waves (thoughts) and troubled waters (emotions), you should smile because this is a for sure sign that you obviously have a sincere desire to learn how to swim really good.  LOL

Just keep in mind Once you relax, take a deep breath and get a glimpse of the vision / direction you are headed in, the Ocean will toss you back up or the powers that be will send help or the ocean itself will push you back up to the surface (and when it does, take another deep breath)

This time you flip onto your back. And your backstroke swimming to dry land is fantastic!, and before you relent to the Ocean of emotions and waves of thought rushing towards you. Relax and tell yourself the truth I am loved, I am here! I am alive! I can do whatever I can vision.

My love, today enjoy your motion in the ocean, learn to surf your biggest wave, and find your way to the shores of happiness, love, peace, joy, abundance, prosperity, health and enthusiasm to live life.







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