Happy Birthday!

Let me tell you how important I believe it is for you to live your life and to reach for happiness in all areas of this gift of life.

Discover the true intimacy you seek within yourself. Be the friend and lover you’ve always wanted to yourself *you may discover that there is a whole lot more to loving you than you even dared to care to notice.

Do you have a wonderful personality

Maybe your style is jazzy and upbeat

You could be the laid back fellow, who is so mellow that people just love to be in your company

Maybe your the type that everyone comes to when they need someone to be there

One thing that I know for sure, if you take your best and showcase it to the world, they either gonna love it or leave it

And either way you should be fine (I call this unconditional loving) lol  (like me, love me or leave me) Next!

Now, hate, degrading, down talking, gossiping, being used, taken for granted,  manipulating, disrespecting etc., (is not an option)  There really is no use to even entertain those types of relationships,attitudes and behaviors (so to these definitely say next, without even taking a breath)

I call this freedom to choose (it’s real simple to do, when a person even begins the argument, resentment or to present the opinion in opposition to your learning experience (especially when you have not invited them to do so.  You can decide right then or there. “Do I want to give this person, relationship, situation, or experience my energy” Because essentially no matter who is wrong or who is right this is what is happening, you are transferring your energy and life force!

Instead you can smile really really big, brightly, give them the joyful face and happily (because you in fact could care less) and say “Give me some” and hold one hand up high in the air (which prompts them to raise theirs also and give them a high five and walk right off.  “Works every time” 🙂

Another way is giving the person a happy wish “Happy Birthday”, “Merry Christmas” “Go Bobcats!” (you know like I know it is not their birthday, however It keeps you from going into the negative energy with them and it allows you to give them the gift of you walking away.

When you get alone and are to yourself (just laugh out loud, bahaa hah haaaaaa, haaaa, baaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa.  Because you know this time you chose not to let anyone else stress you out or gave anyone the ability to manipulate your choices or decisions.

Know that you are loved, no one should be able to tell you that you are not loved, no one should be able to show you that you are not loved and remain in a relationship with you.

If they do tell you that you are not loved or show you that you are not loved or appreciated then (this should be one less person you have attached to you in your life). Yup!  “Give them the old heave ho, and A HIGH FIVE, say to them “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and give them the gift of seeing you walk away, while at the same time singing “Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Get out of My Life, Happy Birthday to You!  See how that has made you smile and laugh? try it.

I am one of many messengers that come to guide you back into the truth of your very own heart.

Are you living from a place of peace, relaxation and contentment. Today I invite you to do so.  So when someone comes into to your life to purposely take your joy or happiness, remember “Give them the B-Day gift” of you walking away. 

This is how you turn the other cheek

Love today live your best life, enjoy your peace, and happiness, find your joy, be committed to your excitement, take care of your health, and learn about prosperity


Spirit Sunshine


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