Gosh Darn It :)


I am a country girl, born and raised in the south.  Its in me blood 🙂 lol

And even though I am as country as ever, and I talk like this, with a country drawl

and my words all sound like I have a practical simple way to living life. And I love to cook big ole’  Country sunday dinners and desert to go with dinner. Even if I am the only one at home 🙂

I am connected to everything with the spirit of love and through love

My understanding is there is only so much we can learn on our own. Everybody needs somebody

Someone who is wiser, someone who has been there and done that or plain ole somebody just to listen to us as we think out loud (for crying out loud)

We need others to show us the way. This need may show up following some life-shattering news or experience, a job loss, financial setbacks, a divorce, the death of someone near and dear to you or the ending of a relationship that you felt held so much promise for your future

Maybe you are feeling spiritually deaden and you don’t feel nuthing inside no more and not much can motivate you to do a new thang

You feel as if life has just stopped for you and now you have no clue how to reach the next level. Your holding your breath waiting for the next harsh blow to your already fragile heart and spirit.

Or you can be like my country self, ain’t  really knowing much of nuthing at all and I know I don’t know, but my heart is so hungry for more of sumthing. I ain’t gonna jus sit heeah

I reach out for deeper more meaningful connections, I enjoy reading everyone’s blogs.

I can feel my heart strings a stirring as I read posts from some of the most talented teachers, poets and writers and photographers right here on this blog. Tela, Opinionated Man, iithinks, Sasha, Dave does Life, Laura, Ranaami81, Cee Neuner, Spirit Awakenings etc….. this list goes on and on….I have connected with each of you on a level you may never understand.  Or even think of.  I smile even as I list each name and some that I didn’t get the opportunity to write here.

Each day I pray for your successes and triumphs 🙂 Each day I marvel at your abilities to bring the spark of who you are into this public forum to motivate and connect with others

It’s our sense of hope, sharing, caring, uplifting and showcasing our talents and love for writing and deeper intimate yearnings to connect to help those we love to guide them into a fullness of life and meanings. Yes, sharing is caring. 🙂  As for me my country self adore each and every moment of reading a blog post.

Through these connections I laugh, I love, I learn, I become more humble (a better spirit to speak). I understand my frailties of being human and I cry, I reflect, I gain knowledge, I gets bare feet and I dance! Smiling the whole time.  I am a human being experiencing life as a spirit and each day is like the best day of my life.  I am wide open to experience something new


For today I seek to love, have peace, joy, abundance, prosperity, health, contentment and happiness and each of you are a part of my happiness and I share it willingly with ya’ll (smile) lol

Today my love know that because of you I survived grieving the death of my father (as his only child) I welcomed connections with others who were more than happy to man the computer and write daily deposits of love which I appreciate reading wholeheartedly.

Again Thank You,


Spirit Sunshine


6 thoughts on “Gosh Darn It :)

  1. What a precious lesson I just learnt by reading you. I have been really stucked in life in the last months (for the first time I think) and reading your post made me remember that the most importante(or one of the most important things) in life is to stay humble and livre life as if we have nothing to prove – either to ourselves or others. And Aldo to live with kindness and compassion, looking Abd nurturing the little especial things in life. I’m very grateful for reading you. Thank you, and have a very blessed day 🙂

  2. Thank you for such a lovely and inspiring post from your shining spirit, “Sunshine!” Keep your heart open and many blessings are sure to find you. I’m sorry to hear about your loss; I had a difficult time when my father passed, as well. Please be kind to yourself and know there’s no “time frame” for grief. I’m glad we’ve “connected.”

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