“Chool Bus!” my two year old granddaughter shrieks! She is absolutely delighted.  Boy how she loves the school bus.  She is giddy with excitement, she smears apple bites juices on the sides of the window of my freshly detailed car waving her tiny hands back and forth frantically trying to alert this School Bus. I look at her, and began to blink my hazel green eyes at her repeatedly, I feel a little annoyed and I want to say “Sweetheart please quit wiping your apple bites across the window waving at the school bus.” But the words wouldn’t come out. I held my words and I just look at her. How lovely, pure and blissful her excitement is. Her tiny round face open and happy, I see everyone of her teeth as she shrieks again “Hi Chool Bus!” not a troubled thought or emotion, just pure enjoyment and satisfaction embraces her tiny spirit so I just relax and take it all in. We can learn so much from babies. “Chool Bus” She’s giggles as we pass another school bus; no matter how many of these school buses my granddaughter and I see as we journey to KidRKid’s day care, she is excited and overflowing with happiness. Even up to the point when she is getting out of the car “Look Chool Bus!”  “Bye Bye Chool Bus!” “Love You Chool Bus!”(sounding the esses (s) is still a work of art for this two year old. 🙂

My granddaughter, she is revealing the true essence of who we all are. Divine Human Beings. Spiritual Beings who had no other way to experience the perfection of who they are unless they were outside of the essence itself (this is the life journey, experiences, emotions, thoughts) etc. of a spirit living on the playground of earth in physical form.

Right at this moment.  All is perfect in her little world.  She enjoys the flowers, her first time seeing the moon, the stars and a bird or a bumble bee.  All of these moments when she experiences the things of the world, brings shrieks of happiness, and excitement boiling over to the point of spilling over onto me. She could care less about the things of this world.  Life is an oasis for her of glee, first time experiences, learning and excitement.  And for this I am excited because I’ve always remembered who I was. And my goal is to help my granddaughter hold onto the essence of her true spirit as she grows through life.

I brought a little piece of Heaven with me when I came here. My trademark is my humble, gentle, meek spirit (always shinning, always giving, always loving) now I didn’t say I was no angel.  But I will honestly tell you, this genuine loving, caring spirit has been with me the duration of my life.  I still hold within me the essence of joy, the eyes of compassion and the words of nurturing no matter how many times I see a person.  I am happy to see them.  I am happy to know life is well for them, and I am happy to love them.

You are all loving, exciting, peaceful, wonderful human beings! we come here to the earth and was born / created in this essence of the spirit of love. As we all journey through life we pick up different behaviors, experiences, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are deposited into our tiny experiences that will shape the way we experience life. Just think, if we could maintain our true essence of love and excitement, joy and peace of some of the simplest things in this world, how much happier we will be.  🙂

If we just took the time to release the baggage, the guilt, the shame and the resentments and bitterness.  How happy we all could be 🙂

My granddaughter’s excitement  is so intoxicating that her joy spreads outward and catches hold to me like a fire.  It felt as for the first time in a long time I seen the school bus also, but this time through the window of her eyes.  So as the next school bus passes by we both wave our hands, our eyes light up and we began to  shriek “Hey Chool Bus!”  “Yay”  “I see the wonderful chool bus!”  oh my! she is ever the more happy! she is dancing singing, jumping up and down, giggling, laughing and the funny thing is and so Am I.

My love today see something for the first time and just enjoy it totally.  Allow it to bring you to a place where your memories of happiness, love, peace and joy exist.  Today dance, sing, jump up and down with someone you love, just because it is such a wonderful thing that you are living life and can appreciate all the wonderful and beautiful things that life has to offer. But sing with people you love, because you have the opportunity to do so.


Almost every morning (when I have the opportunity) I turn on the radio and I sing and dance with my granddaughter, and we laugh and play for all of 7 to 8 minutes.  And after we finish monkeying around, having a snack, and getting dressed it is then we go out into the world.  But as I am going out into the world, the thought that is playing over and over in my mind is “Thank You God, for blessing me with the gift of Life”  a smile dances across my face ” I love my family and friends and I really enjoy living my life”

My Love today live your life of love, happiness, peace, joy, health and abundance






6 thoughts on ““CHOOL BUS!” VERSES “SCHOOL BUS!”

  1. This is so precious! I am experiencing this with my own children right now. They show us once again the miracles all around us.

  2. Wow… how beautiful! All of it. Thank you! I adore how you dance with your granddaughter, and then have the prayer in your mind of “Thank You God, for blessing me with the gift of Life” ~ that so resonates with me! I say daily, frequently, (often aloud) ‘Thank you God for this day’. Oh, how much comfort and joy springs from a grateful heart! Blessings, Gina

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