A farmer went out to his field to sow grain…………….

Some of it fell on shallow soil with rock beneath

Other seed landed in thistles patches, and the young

grain stalks were soon choked out. Still other fell on

fertile soil….and produced a crop one hundred times as large as he

had planted. Luke 8:5-8


Sowing seeds of love and goodness today. In preparing these seeds let’s prepare a ground within our hearts that is ready to receive the good visions that God has for you.

Lets dig up the roots of past fear and resentment, pull of the weeds of depression and sadness and discard the vines of hate and jealousy; and allow sensitive and gentle words to nourish and encourage you to grow.  Open your eyes and heart to the love within and around you and recognize your potential.

Negativity can grow faster than any other living thing on this planet (Negativity is like a fungus, virus or bacteria, it eats away at you until it has left you living in a created world of negative unhappy thoughts, words and emotions) and if not careful negativity can spread from person to person. Love is your immunization to any disease.  Today use love, positive words, emotions and thoughts to stop the spread of the disease of negativity.  I believe today you can stop the growth of negativity in your life. It’s a choice, today choose to love just for fun.  Nothing is more important than love 🙂

Receiving inspiration, encouragement and gratitude are some ways to eliminate negativity in your life and other peoples life.


My Love today live in peace, prosperity, joy, abundance, health, happiness, and contentment





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