Its amazing how we are blessed with the beautiful gift of life and the objective is to find the order in the chaos, yet if we don’t receive instant gratification as that of a microwave we choose to walk away from our very own inner spiritual design and life. 

The chaos in your relationships, finances, health, career etc., needs order. Here is where the unwelcome guest of procrastination, confusion, doubts, secrets, obstacles and blocks come in. However unwelcoming these guest may appear these babies are here to bring you to a point of transformation and transcendence of that which is no longer serving you. Propelling you to live a life of health, peace, love and prosperity can be built from a life of sadness, pain, brokenhearted, rejections and injustices.

The question is are you ready to do the work to get there? Anything worth having is worth working for. Especially if you love that which you are seeking to get. I know we live in the microwave generation and everyone wants everything quickly and right now. Gone are the days of planning, nurturing, growing and reaping.

Fast forward 2014 and Yes everyone wants to be plopped into the microwave (DING!) and out comes the vision. The life, the goals etc., all packaged and ready to go.  If I want to lose weight I will take a pill, and overnight I will lose weight.  I will buy 7 lottery tickets and in the morning I will be an instant millionaire, I will meet the right guy / gal and he/ she  will fall in love with me and magically we are going to live happily ever after (I don’t really have to put in the work in my (emotions, thoughts, words, actions, finances, health) to have a healthy relationship I just know anything can be microwaved RIGHT?  I know I am not talking about you here, your not like that. Your unlike the several humans that are too lazy to become actively involved in designing and creating their life. Your separate from the masses who want to go to sleep poor, but wake up in the morning with millions in their pocket (uh oh, this thinking can only lead someone to try every get rich quick and spend way too much money on lottery tickets 🙂 ) Ive lived long enough to see the truth of how somethings work in this world. One of those being there is a natural order to the way of creating in this world. Be it relationships, career, finances, healthy lifestyle, or creating a fantastic peaceful life. Pretty much everything I see, touch, taste, wear, etc.,Each vision of creation went through this natural progression of beginnings, plannings, lessons, reflections, foundations and stages to become a finished product of rewards, blessings and gifts.

Even the very flower which I am at the time watching went through a natural process to become what it is. Today let’s look at the natural progression of your life. What is the vision that you want to create for yourself and the world. What steps do you want to take today to lead you straightway into the arms of health, love, prosperity and peace. What level and stage are you upon during this part of your journey that is blocking you from continuing your steps to peace and love. Wouldn’t you love to know how much farther you have to travel before you begin to see the rewards, blessings and benefits of your planning, nourishing, growing and now waiting to reap and harvest the benefits. My friends if you have a vision you can create it, be it, do it ( be the love you want to receive, be the abundance you want to have, enjoy the health you want to live) Live life and enjoy the journey.  🙂

Today live your best life in love, peace, health, abundance, joy, contentment, happiness, and prosperity.

Spirit Sunshine


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