The Love Bug

The love bug was a tiny imaginary bug (that older people would chide you about), that has bitten you and now you are hopelessly smitten, walking on cloud nine and devoted to the object of your affections.

Remember when you were bitten by this imaginary creature how you would swoon as soon as you seen a picture of your love interest? or do you remember how your palms would get sweaty or how you couldn’t help but sound over enthusiastic whenever he or she called you on the phone.

Remember how you would get the rapid heartbeat and butterflies fluttering around in your belly?  Isn’t that the best feeling in the world, can you imagine, how you can actually feel the emotions and thoughts within your body. The memory of the love bug, brings a smile to your face so BIG

Nothing else really mattered compared to the purity of the love that you have been receiving.  All you want is to stay in this moment, to enjoy the relapse into the memory of when days where easier.  (You may even think to yourself, “If I could go back and do it all again, knowing what I know now”)  *Remember those back to the future movies? that is what those movies where about, if you had the opportunity to go back in time, what would you do to change your future.  And depending on the things you have learned in your life up to this point, why don’t you put it to use.

The sensory projections of the memory of love feel as if it were just yesterday when you were walking down the hallway, in a trance (really not paying attention to school work or anything else for this matter) because your main focus was your heart throb.

The memories of slow dances, moonlight kisses, walking hand in hand and drawing his or her name all over your paper in class (now the memory may be a tattoos all over your body of him or her)    🙂

Notice how these memories causes the feelings of expansion within your body?  You feel wide open and space is within you and you can actually feel the butterflies, and see the vision with a clarity of perception? You can seemingly smile, because the emotion and vision is a happy one.  This is how you know you are in the flow of love, when you feel this expansion

If love feels tight, constricted, forced, or blocked, this means you are blocking the flow of love towards you.  And you do not want to spend the rest of your life (life is already short) living in the shadow of constricted love. Whatever may be blocking your channel to experience the free flow of love and blessings into your life go ahead and deal with it (deal with the thought, the memory, the person or the emotion) so you can begin to live life in the essence of free flowing love.

Love just is (and whenever anything opposes love it feels like a brick wall (constriction) there is no healthy flow or balance of give / take.  Receiving / Giving, Harmony / Balance.  If any of these are out of whack it makes every area in our life feel constricted (health, relationships, finances, career, livelihood etc) all of these will probably feel constricted because actions are being made from every reference point other than love.

My love today try to do everything in love and see how quickly things turn around for you.  Say things with love as the motivator, Do things with love as the action instigator, See things with the eyes of love to change your perception,  Hear things with the ears of love and if not hurt deeply or offended choose to take a deep breath, begin to move on and say NEXT!





4 thoughts on “The Love Bug

  1. Dear Spirit Sunshine,
    You are a shining spirit and I’m so glad we’ve “met!”
    Yes, all we need it love…My heart is open wide.
    All the best to you,

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