Release and Let Go

There comes a time in life when your spirit just have to release and let go.  Negative thoughts are the pathway’s to living a negative life.

You cannot make someone else love you, you cannot make someone else value you or respect you

No matter what value you bring into their life. sometimes you may set yourself up for failure in trying to bring value to the lives of others.

 I think Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Buddha, Ghandi and Dr. King all realized this in the prime of their lives. They fought hard to get people to love. And this battle rages on today.

No matter how hard you try to encourage people to reach for the higher vibration of love, respect, loyalty and trust

they will go back to the primitive default emotion of hate, gossip, dishonor, disrespect, and shame

When did People plain and simple like to find the lower vibrations that alienate, separate and invigorate with negativity.

This has been a mystery to me? I wish someone else would give me the answer to why is it easier for people to hate, sow discord and jealousy, gossip and lie?

My soul and spirit has danced the journey of life with a lot of people around the world and the saddest part is that if we as human beings can’t reach for the vibration of love because our need to control, to put down, to humiliate and to shame is bigger than our need to love.

Is it a bad thing to try to motivate people to see the true vision of their lives which is success?  love?  health? prosperity? happiness? joy? and living in peaceful coexistence?

I have played the role of the victim due to others vicious attacks against me

I have played the role of the victor because of my ability to say “thank you”  “O.K”, “Please forgive me” “I am sorry” and the wonderful ability to walk away when I see that ego’s are playing a bigger part in relationships than love.

Will people always need someone to blame for their lack to follow through and reach for a thought that is way higher than a negative thought?

My love today if at all possible, reach for the higher vibration.  Instead of put downs, control, jealousy, non-trust, unbelief, accusations, dishonor, shame or guilt

Reach for love, compassion, understanding, truth, honor, joy, love and peace,  seek to bring harmony and balance into your life and the lives of others.






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