SEEING is BELIEVING Proof in 8 days I was consistently Creating Love and Abundance!

At the end of this post you can click on or copy each link into your web browser and see the efforts of my visions that I wanted to create in 8 days! I began this journey February 17, 2014.  For those of you who have been reading my blog, then you know this to be true!. In order to test my own beliefs I knew it was necessary for me to put to the test my own design of creating your vision in less than 8 days (and it worked!) I was able to begin from that point to build on a consistent basis.  Putting my focus, clarity and desire to go in life in the direction that I wanted to go.  And at the end of this post you will see it for yourself.  None of this (Including this blog was created before then) so even my blog is proof!)

Being able to increase the flow of love and abundance into your life is nothing short of a miracle. The conditions are You finally have taken out the time and worked to rid and clear out the thoughts and clutter in your mind that have kept you from being able to focus on love or abundance in the first place.

Having Loving relationships and money expanding and growing in your life is all about expanding your thoughts to receive wealth and expanding your heart and spirit to receive love.

When you expand within yourself you expand outside of yourself and creativity explodes within you!

The results of circumstances and previous thoughts surround you at the moment and show you the reflections of your past thoughts and efforts. If you do not have love (it’s because your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions have been blocking love in your life)

If you do not have abundance, prosperity and wealth its because you have a poverty sickness that is controlling your creative flow which blocks your abundance on all levels.

Understanding how to use your mind, heart, spirit, words, and actions to achieve your desires should be each persons day to day goals.

To become the essence of what you want to receive you have to align your thinking, feelings, and actions with the universal laws.

Use your mind properly and you can create anything!

In the Span of 8 days I created over 6 internet business connections (designed a website), (wrote an e-book) and consistently posts on this wordpress blog. I had a vision for myself, began to connect with people all over the world, and began to successfully build my on-line Spiritual / Intuitive Consulting SPA (A Spiritual Intuitive Business Designed to Help Clients Succeed). You can click on the links below to see the results of my creations.   I also have client testimonials of how their creations are working in their lives for them in the span of 8 days! Some have lost 10 to 15 pounds, some are actively seeking healthy loving relationships and are much happier doing it, some have designed their own line websites and businesses…..Click on the links below I hope this helps you to believe 🙂  That what your thinking, what your saying, what your believing is what is creating your life for you every waking moment 🙂

I will continue to encourage you to grow, be proactive in having clarity and focus of the visions you have for your life.


When you align your thinking, feelings, and actions with the Universal Laws and You Really Know How to Consciously Create Your Visions, YOU WILL SUCCEED EVERY TIME!

Today live life in love, abundance, health, peace, prosperity, happiness, wealth, joy and contentment


spirit_sunshine@yahoo (on facebook)

Amazon Kindle / Books (8 days to creating your vision)

spirit.sunshine1 (SKYPE)

spiritsunshine1 (Twitter)


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