The Dimensions in Which We Live

The Mana'o Blog

Just like it was found out that the world is not flat, it is also not so unbelievable that there is more than only this 3rd dimension reality that the majority of us are choosing to believe is the only one which exists. It isn’t.

I need for you, the reader, to come away from the idea that what you see in front of your face is the only reality, and dimension, that we live in. There are a lot of us who, because of the things that we have seen, done, heard, been through, KNOW, in an unwavering manner, that this third dimension is not the only one that exists.

To believe that this were the truth, one would have to put aside things like synchronicity, have to stop believing in the God to whom they kneel and give homage to, would have to really just not think with…

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