Top 10 Tells of a Good Husband

Unload and Unwind

Now I know that it is dangerous to walk the waters of male vs female but seriously the How to Pick the Perfect Wife by our resident stirrer OM just begs for a response in a timely manner.  So ladies and those gents who would like an inside track here is the Top 10 Tells of a Good Husband.

  1. When you arrive 15 minutes late for drinks he’s not a) checking his watch, b) checking out the singles action, c) not chugging his 5th drink.  All of these indicate a short attention span that doesn’t bode well for long-term relationships.
  2. When faced with the parental meeting he asks what he should wear – this indicates knowledge of clothing armour and camouflage and the fact that it may be needed during the evening – points there.
  3. When going somewhere he isn’t familiar with in his car he doesn’t turn purple…

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