Crying skies

Peace, Love and Patchouli

I do not remember the date
But the day itself
Wrapped up in my mind
A moment in a mundane life
Changed forever.
The skies were dark
Tornado skies my momma says
A sense of something in the air
Crackling with something coming
Something important
Something to happen.
The rains were held at bay
By clouds so thick
You knew if you cut them open with a sword
They would bleed water forever.
The lightning struck
And the sounds of sirens filled the air
And I felt like crying but
I did not know why.
Cars zoomed by
The world was alive with red flashing lights.
I don’t know who said something first.
We heard later that he was run down
While crossing the street
Going to lunch
Or coming from,
And I guess that really doesn’t matter now
Because he is gone
And I don’t know the…

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