I have so many clients who never speak a positive word over themselves.  They learned this early in life.  So when others do mean or hateful things to them, they internalize the others behavior and instinctively think I caused this negativity.


I am fat, I am ugly, I am a loser, I am broke, I am dumb, I am stupid, I am always messing things up, I am not worth love and the list goes on and on.

I myself lived under these mis-conception’s and negative hurtful thoughts from others for a major part of my life. And literally I was none of these things. Through my journey I just happened to meet a lot of mean, bitter, jealous people in my life.And because they refused to see the level of love within me, they often would try to pull me to their level of hatred and unhappiness. I was basically a very happy and upbeat person. A free spirit.  I have held the same loving spirit all of my life. “So, Why did I attract these people you ask?” Well it was because I internalized their words and on the law of self-prophecy this had become my pattern of belief. I had to live it out.

I cannot count the times I have been saddened, wounded, insulted, demeaned, put down or rejected in life.  This is why I speak so actively against such behaviors and actions.

I know and have seen personally the damage it can do. To alter someone’s destiny or life path. 

And more often than not I would believe everything these negative people spoke over me and if they did mean things to me (abuse me, hit me, insult me) I instinctively believed I deserved this on so many levels.

So what happens during the experience of some negative situations others experience?

People tend to look for the weaker person to blame for their life’s problems.  This begins the wheels of shame and guilt to turning within the person who is accused of causing the other to “hit them”, “cheat them” “curse them” or “speak negative to them” etc., If it rains, the stronger person blames the weaker person.  “It’s your fault now my shoes are all wet!”  Not once does the stronger or weaker person really realizes that the shoes got wet because it is raining outside!

The weaker person interprets the stronger persons control over him / her and makes assumptions (poorly) of themselves

“Why am I such a bad person?”

“What did I do to them?”

“Why do I cause so much trouble?”

or even worse “Believe they or others deserve to be belittled, scorned or put down”

Is it o.k. to continue to hurt ourselves or others in this manner?”

Does it make sense to keep living in silence of inner turmoil and sadness, due to injury or insult inflicted upon us by others?

When does the time come to forgive, forget and seek that which serves to make us happy, balanced humans that seek the best for everyone?

When I visualize scenario’s of this magnitude I think of wild animals (Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my) fighting for territory.

Wild animals that fight just because they can and this is the God given nature of these wild animals. To fight one another.

When did humans reverse the process of growing and evolving as an evolved being to be a better person? To the mannerisms of wild animals?

No longer standing to reach for the higher solution to life’s disagreements and challenges?

Why is it so easy to come together to serve some negative degrading experience of life, yet so hard to come together to celebrate life, healing, loving and uniting?

As evolved humans we have an opportunity to stop behaving wildly and viciously with one another and seek for the higher vibration of peace and seek out the emotion of love or to pursue the agenda of peace?

So often we retaliate, or lash out or seek to hurt another person, as we, ourselves have been wounded and hurt?

When do we begin to rectify our challenges and weaknesses within us?  When do we begin to go inside of ourselves and open the floodgates of love, peace, prosperity, health, abundance, joy, excitement, and healing.

Instead as evolved human beings we could reach for nourishment and apologies to sooth any experience. Choose to forgive and make someone else smile.  *Forgiving does not mean you have to keep letting the same persons the power to hurt you over and over again with negative behaviors, words, actions”  Forgiving means you are willing to let go of the experience and the person.

Until you are able to forgive the person who has harmed you it can be a daunting task to try to move forward onto a new path to do a new thing and be a new you 🙂

How many times will the lower vibration of hate, anger, or resentment splash across the screen of someone’s life, heart, mind, phone,pages, email or chat?

How many times will a lower vibration of thought sink us into a journey of territory, resentment, jealousy and bitterness?

To live in harmony and balance within ourselves and in the world is a freedom of profound serenity and excitement.  There is a positive flow to everything you do and be. 

Life begins to feel like spring all year long. 



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