Love is our natural state of being.  Whatever is the hardest thing for you to do in life note that this is where your greatest resistor to love lies.

We all have lessons to learn, mountains to climb and fears to conquer. 

In my life journey I have learned to go straight into the lesson, prepare to climb the mountain, and begin today to conquer those fears.

With each client I serve, my goal is to help them to find ways to expand, to live. to enjoy life. To locate the place within the center of love.

Once  you are in a state of awareness you are more apt to live life consciously without having any ill intent in heart or mind, deeds or words to inflict or cause hurt, disgrace or pain to anyone else.

The longer you put Love off. the longer you stay inside the cave of darkness, fear, lack and loneliness.

The longer you put Love off. The longer you attract negative relationships and experiences to keep revealing to you what love is not.

The longer you put Love off. The longer you form unfair judgments, biases and prejudices against others.

The longer you put Love off. The more painful your words and actions will harm others and yourself.

The longer you put Love off. The longer it will take you to get to the inward places of love, peace, health, happiness, joy and abundance.


Today my love, whatever your resistance to love may be, make a decision, take a step and begin to walk up to that which keeps you from living in the freedom of life and love.


Lovely person reading this blog….my personal prayer for you today. “May you live in love, and happiness. May you find inner joy and peace.  May God and his Angels bless you with the strength to overcome your fears, climb your mountain and gain the wisdom to learn the lesson of whatever you are presently facing.  I know you will live the life of your passions, dreams and visions.







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