On the scale of one to ten, I would say “Love takes center stage in our lives”

Human motivation to achieve food, shelter, security, thirst, bodily comforts and travel needs are important. Human motivations are good for us, But its more important to have love.

I find that the need to experience love, have love, be love and be in love is the all powerful message that everyone is moving towards throughout their earthly journey.

When a person feels they are truly loved, respected, admired, approved of and accepted the sky is the limit! Dreams are achieved. Backs are stroked!

Love is a feeling of expansion presenting a positive opportunity for the person to move towards fulfilling any goal they set in front of themselves.

Love is a feeling of expansion within that opens us up to receive awesome journeys and connections in life

Not having love is a fearful, constricted, and restricted essence that closes one off to enjoying connections and inspiration.

I honestly feel love is what transforms us.  Love helps us to motivate, encourage and support one another.

Love is the emotion we embrace over and over again, no matter how many times we fail or get knocked down in life.

The love song, painting, books, films, pictures, letters, and emails are all forms of communicating the similar passions of love we all feel.

The devotion and gathering of huge fan bases and followings are paid to those who can capture the moment of love and inspire us to listen, read, watch and pass on the message of love.Love is uniquely the deep and tender feeling that connects and attaches us at our center to one another. Even my words on this page reaches sincerely to connect to your heart.

Can you feel that?

Love such a simple four letter word, means so much.  It’s HUGE!

To say it simply” follow your heart”, love will guide you and lead you to all you will ever need, and teach you all that you will ever need to know.


Today my lovely friend enjoy a life of love, happiness, truth, abundance, prosperity, health, peace, joy and contentment.



Spirit Sunshine







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