Quick Ways to Stop Suffering in Your Life

Recognizing negative memories and negative emotions are two of the best ways to eliminate suffering in your life.  When you have unchecked emotions you have to take the time out by  1. Stop     2.  Think    3.  Weigh the value of the moment  4. Consider the consequence of doing the work to remove the negative energy of the emotion, feeling and thoughts

The more painful the memory, the more hidden and repressed the memory becomes

Memories that bring you down and attracts you to 1. Feelings of loneliness  2. Insecurity   3. Fear   4.  Anxiety    5, Sadness   6. Suspiciousness  

There are only two ways of thinking or feeling.  Negative or Positive.  That’s It!  Yep folks, if you want to stop the suffering in your life.  Pay attention to your thoughts. All that we are and all that we will ever be is the results of what we have been thinking.


“Each brings the results of it’s own kind”

The cause always exists in its consequence

Right / Harmonious thinking must produce right or harmonious conditions

Wrong / Erroneous thinking must produce wrong, evil conditions

Controlling your thinking empowers you to control the causes of everything negative and positive that is happening within your life

If you take the time to invest within yourself and begin Mental Training, you will produce Mental Ability to control your thoughts and bring about the desired outcomes you want to see in your life

When you look at your life, please recognize that everything that is happening in your life is a result of your thinking. Your thoughts and emotions are the “BUGGY / CART “Whatever emotions and thoughts you have in your “BUGGY / CART” you can bet the wheels pulling the BUGGY / CART of your life follows the wheels of your intent, motivations and thoughts.

Discordant thoughts are thoughts that poisons the energy system of your life.  Negative, unhappy, sad thoughts.  Dislike for others, listening, hearing and watching scenes that tell of hate, negativity, anger, bitterness, jealousy and sadness.  These are negativity triggers that attracts these type of occurrences into your life.

Did you know that fear, anger, sadness etc., are emotions that stress you and shorten your life?  Some stress when extreme in intensity can kill instantly.

Contentment, Peace, and Satisfaction produces beneficial effects and tend directly and strongly to prolong your life.

Anxiety, doubt and despair can paralyze your emotions and thought processes when it comes time to make an important decision about your life. In the presence of these negative emotions a movement needs to be made.  However the stress of making the wrong choice or decision immobilizes the person.

Bitterness, greed, lust, jealousy, envy and the like are emotional energy that causes people to commit all kinds of wrongful and criminal acts.

Thinking is what produces the results that you are receiving in life.

Evil, bad, negative thoughts produces evil, bad, negative results

Good, happy, positive thoughts produces good, happy, positive results


Good appears with good thoughts, especially if it is so with good motivations and intentions, If a result you are having in your life which is not good happens to appear in your life. 

I can guarantee you if you trace the thought and emotion back to the root of the motivation and intention, and the causes are accurately analyzed it will be that the evil came from some observed ill which was connected to the good thought or intention.

So our ignorance of creating or surviving in a world in erroneous judgments concerning the character of the object sought is by default.

If we take the time to determine whether our emotions are HARMONIOUS or DISCORDANT

Check your actions to see if they are HARMONIOUS or DISCORDANT

Check your life to see if your life is HARMONIOUS or DISCORDANT

Thinking is the initial act of all human actions.  The factors that governs our actions and deciding which choices and decisions to make is our intentions and motivations

Love, change your thinking and you can change the course and condition of your life.

Mental Training, Produces Mental Ability to Create Love

Today may you enjoy love, peace, joy, contentment, abundance, happiness, prosperity, health, and harmony



Spirit Sunshine


4 thoughts on “Quick Ways to Stop Suffering in Your Life

  1. Thank you for following me at faithsighanddiy.com. I, too, believe the source of MOST of our problems begins with our thoughts but not all of them. Good post. God bless.

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