3 Reasons a Relationship Comes Into Your Life

There are basically 3 reasons a relationship comes into your life

The first reason a relationship comes into your life is to reflect and show (mirror) something about yourself that you did not realize or have not recognized within yourself.  If you find yourself consistently in relationships that are neglectful or demeaning.  Chances are that you are carrying within yourself the emotions of neglect and criticism. Once you deal with the negative emotions these people normally disappear from your life experiences.

The second reason a relationship comes into your life is to give you something.  This relationship can bring information to you, mentoring, monetary gains such as money, cars, food or houses, advice, encouragement, love and support, companionship and long term friendship. This type of relationship is based on sharing of mutual respect, care, love and the giving is balanced and equal. 

The third reason a relationship comes into your life is to take something from you.  This relationship is mostly co-dependent and what binds them together is what they can get from one another; however the power is usually not balanced.  And one person feels used, abused, and taken for granted.  In this relationship there is always the need to balance the scales. 

Now that we have discussed 3 ways to recognize why a relationship has come into your life. I ask that you always pay attention to energy zapping relationships. Here are some red flags that should help you to recognize negative relationships when you are trying to move into a place of love, respect and freedom in your life and relationships.

1.  Relationships that always seem to need you to be doing something for them in order to exist.  It’s not what others do to us, it’s what we ALLOW or DO to OURSELVES that causes us to experience unsatisfying relationships. Relationships based on this type of energy only exists because the person can get something from you  (rides, attention, money, living / lodging expenses covered, food etc.) However this person never returns equal value for your time or the equal amount of monetary gain he or she has received

2. Relationships that are built on deficient foundations.  You do all of the calling, visiting, cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, texting, trying to build a connection or relationship and spend years messaging to build a foundation in this relationship.  This kind of relationship leaves your energy feeling lost, abandoned, rejected and stuck.  Your putting in a lot of energy to get the attention of someone else and they are not responding to you.  So instead of this being a give and take relationship. The deficiency is It’s a give relationship and you are the giver. You are hardly ever the receiver and this depletes your energy.  Your consistently feeding the other person your loving energy (now this person is walking around feeling vibrant, loved,full and alive off of your energy) and this leaves you feeling down, depressed, and lethargic, because they are living off of your energy. And not once have they even called to thank you for all of the attention and energy you are giving them.  Advice:  Just stop!  stop giving your personal power and energy away to someone who could care less. Unless this person is returning healthy, loving positive energy to you in return.  In reality this person is soaking up your energy, feeling alive and vibrant and going on living their life to the fullest and you are sitting around feeling lonely and confused, trying to figure out why he or she hasn’t even bothered to call and say hi to you today.

When you decide to stop giving this person your energy and give the love back into yourself.  You will see how alive and abundant you begin to feel. 

Also ask the person the next time they show up in your life “What do you really like about me?”,  “What do you see this relationship building into?” “What vision do you see for our future together?” “What are you willing to put into this relationship in regards to your time, energy, love, commitment, and finances,?” “What does intimacy in a relationship with me mean to you?” (Love, caring, sharing, getting to know my mind, my heart and my spirit? or is Love skipping over all these important things you need to know about me and simply just having great sex with me?)

Ask the right questions and You will be amazed at the right answers that you receive.  Asking these kinds of questions empowers you to decide why this relationship has come into your life. And this helps you to determine whether or not you want to keep feeding this relationship your wonderful beautiful energy.  Remember relationships only come into your life for 3 reasons 1. To show / reveal (mirror) something to you about yourself.  2. To give you something.  3, To take something from you


Today Love enjoy your life of love, peace, abundance, health, prosperity, joy, happiness, and contentment



Spirit Sunshine


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