If I Had A Magic Wand, I Would Create More Love

If I had a magic wand I would create more love.  I would create enough love to wipe away everyones

hurts, pains, doubts, fears, sadness, rejection, abandonment, anger, hopelessness, unhappiness, anxiety etc,

Yes, If I had a magic Wand people would no longer have to do the work themselves into depression to get rid of these negative thoughts and emotions

However, the sad truth is I don’t have a magic wand. And in order for some of us to move forward in life we do have to release these thoughts and feelings so they no longer hold us captive

One of the reasons I appreciate people so much is that people have the ability to love

and If I had magic wand, I would create more love, happiness, peace, abundance, health, prosperity, joy and contentment

inspire, motivate, and encourage others

People once they get tired of living or being a certain way they will choose to reach for a better way of existing and living

People show you how they have changed within to expect and expand the best for their life and what steps they were willing to take to get there

People show you how to overcome and beat any odds or obstacles that are thrown their way

Along my journey I have had the pleasure and opportunity to serve some of the best people in the world

People who wanted to create the space in their hearts, minds and lives to create a deeper connection with themselves and others

People who wanted to experience more love and intimacy

People who wanted to have more freedom to create a business idea or plan to incorporate healthy living and lifestyle in all areas of their lives

People who wanted to create a life of hope, love, peace, creativity, health, and happiness

People who invested time, energy and money back into themselves to change the path they were on

Well, Just think of it this way, Once someone really begins to appreciate the gift of their life (which is a present from God) they begin to live in the present

Once someone really begin to appreciate the love and beauty within themselves, its easier to love and appreciate the love and beauty of another human being no matter how many mistakes or errors they make (I really don’t believe there is a human on this planet that has not made mistakes; including myself)

The sooner we can learn to accept others faults and shortcomings, the sooner we can accept our own faults and shortcomings

Judging others always keeps us caught up in the wheels of “Who am I that I can judge someone else?”

What we focus on (consciously or unconsciously) Increases.  Doesn’t matter if its a positive or negative word, thought or action

You manifest this level of  negative energy within your own lives.  Wouldn’t you love to be free of this kind of karmic thinking and judging?

It’s always best spiritual practice that no matter what life throws at you to try and maintain a positive, blissful outlook.  I call this faith, hope and belief that the change you desire you will see come soon.

I walk the beautiful journey of life and inspiration with some of the best people in the world.  Those who want to dream big, who want to set amazing goals for themselves and feel encouraged to see amazingly big results in their lives.

That this love they have within creates for them a life of love, happiness, and success outside of themselves and this love is reflected within the lives of those they connect with

I allow myself to feel inspired and uplifted by each happy report that I receive from all of these wonderful people.

The have envisioned a future for themselves, their business, and their lives that has surpassed their wildest dreams

Today they reflect the essence of love, the miracle of their lives has dramatically transformed and the message that they send out to the world is the message of



Limitless Possibilites

Inner Joy and Happiness

They chose to change their minds, thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, beliefs to those which reflects the positive of what they want to experience in this world

They were able to change their spirit; and body to connect them to what they want in their lives

Loving yourself and others can change your finances from one of lack to one of prosperity

Loving yourself and others can move your life from ; stagnant, lonely and single to engaged, committed and in love

From overweight and unhappy to healthy and vibrant

From feeling stuck and restless to moving and launching a new exciting life path for yourself

And the list is endless


Today my love you can chose to create love, happiness, hope, abundance, prosperity, health, joy, peace and contentment


Spirit Sunshine


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