What makes you cry?

Everyone has the ability to do something great! I have found that there as so many gifted spirits walking on the face of this earth. Yet, they can not access the beauty and the magnificence within of who they are.

People like Henry Ford, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jackson, Thomas Edison……all were creators and inventors of what they loved to do and how they wanted to share their vision with the world. They really didn’t let the outside voices of others telling them what they cannot do take away their dreams, goals and visions.

Do you believe this same creative intelligence lives within the inside of you?  Go ahead try it….think of something within you that you could share with the world. 

What is the creative spark that lies within yourself?  Is it your words, your creativity, your song, your ability to train people to be healthy, your dancing, your ability to be a leader, your gift to show beauty in the world?

I have come to realize whatever it is that makes you cry, is really what gets your passions to moving.  This is where the gift lies.

Inside of the shell of pain is the gift of who you were really created to be. Although, I must tell you, you do have to go inside of this pain to release your greatness.

Sometimes its the painful things or sad memories that makes us want to create the gift we are destined to give to the world. It’s the seed of creativity at its best. This seed lies their waiting for you to release it into the world.

Most people who overcome their setbacks, failures and face their fears are the ones who truly believe they deserve to create their life of greatness. Therefore they begin to live their life of greatness.

Do you think you deserve better in life?

Whenever I create something I do so in a form that may help ease others pain and also to show others “If I can do it and survive so can you”. 🙂

I feel that the greatest gift I have within me is my love, my understanding of others pain, my spirit, my ability to connect with others in a loving manner. And this is true for me.  I do what I love. I love to connect my spirit with other people.  I love to be encouraging with my words.  I love to go within my spirit to help others. I love to sing, and dance and write.  I feel this within myself and so this is what I create.  This which comes from within me.

The reason why some gifted souls cannot do and be the totality of who they are is because someone repeatedly told them what they cannot have or who they cannot be, the latter became true for them. This phenomena is called a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Others suffered from traumas and abuses of feeling neglected, abused, rejected, abandoned, unsupported, scorned and put down if not a majority, albeit all their lives.

Why does a person continually live their lives based on the outside perception of how others have seen them? or based on what others will say about them? Or based on the way others have treated them?  What really matters is what you think of yourself.

One of the reason a person will live these scenarios over and over is because the pain and fear of the past or the memory of something negative happening to them has embedded itself within the minds and spirit of the person. And the person repeatedly lives life attracting the energy that had wounded him or her over and over.

So at time this becomes the reason the wound within the spirit of the person is hurt over or over again. And the reason the person attract the same people who wound them over and over, is because they are the magnet for the scenario, based on the pain or fear that is still alive and well kicking around inside of them.

So when I tell a person “you are free to live your life the way you want to”.

By all means this does not mean live a life filled with immoral acts, or bad character or lack of integrity

What this means is they can be as equally free to create the life of love, happiness, joy, peace, and abundance as the next person in this world.

All of their life choices from this moment forward will be based on what they believe is true for them.  If they believe they are nothing, then the self-fulfilling prophecy they will create for themselves is they are nothing. If they don’t  believe they deserve better, then they will continue to create a life that reflects this belief.

 If they believe they cannot have, do or be love, prosperous or healthy, then yes…again they are living a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If they can get the clear vision, and focus of what it is they really want in life and what it is that they really want to create in life, then they will have the ability to create the life that they desire.

My love I ask you to not continually be the person who continues to design a pattern, a habit of life, based on what others told them was true for them.

Go within and find what is true for yourself.  There is a freedom waiting for you within when you do this.

Imagine the doubts and fears that floods a persons mind when someone like me comes into their lives and tell them. “You can be anything you want to be, you can have the successful life you want to have and I will help you to get there?

This is where doubts and fears over take them. “All of my life”, they think, “I have been living this way, why is anything going to be different for me now?”

The emotional life robber in the form of pain, doubt, fear or guilt keeps a person living and thinking within the same energy he or she has lived in from day one in which it was created; so day after day, month after month. Until soon the months turn into years and the person has spent an entire lifetime living in the energy of what someone else said or did to them.

Then the person begins to focus on the regrets, anger and fear that has kept them living in the same sad energy of what someone has said or done to them from years past.

Often I find when working with others that most if not all of the humans on this planet has dreams, goals, visions of something better for their lives.  Yet, they sit back waiting for lightening to strike or a spark from heaven to create their lives for them.

In fact this phenomena is happening everyday.  And some people still don’t take action. Yes the lightning has struck and the spark is ignited.  Each day you hear of an inspirational story recounting how someone’s book made the top best sellers list, or has become the object of a movie, or someone creates a gadget that revolutionizes the world, or a song hits the pop charts, or imagine all of the people working behind the scenes to bring this vision of someone else creation to life.  There is your spark.  If they can do it.  Yes, so can you.  🙂

And if and when up meet up with opposition or come up against someone who speaks negativity or doubts over you, do not  automatically give up or surrender.  These people are only here to make you better at what it is that you do.  Take their energetic insight as a gift, see if it encourages you to do or be better, if their acts are a judgment or label for being mean to you simply bless them, send love to them and release their energy back to them 🙂 and say lightheartedly “NEXT!”

I often ask my clients “Why do you let someone who never spoke anything good or positive over you control you? How long will you let the negative thoughts, words, actions and emotions of another person control you? Why do you keep the energy of people who have done mean things to you to stay connected to you?  What does this person do for you, that you even allow them to come into your world? It’s just this simple, kick negative people who are trying to block your happiness out of your world. Send them love and forgiveness And then block their phone number 🙂 and do not feel bad about it. Until he or she can offer or contribute something loving, positive or good into your life allow their energy to fall away from you. Please do not allow them to keep dumping toxic negativity into your life.

You are a free human being with unlimited power within who can create whatever / whenever you want to create in this world. 

(Just please know what it is that you want to create?) why? and how this creation can serve mankind in a good way?

My love this was a long blog today. We have come far on this journey.  There is no sense in turning back now.  I love you and want you to create the best life you can create for yourself.

Today create love, happiness, joy, abundance, prosperity, health, and wealth for yourself and another



Spirit Sunshine


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