Death= Beauty & Life

How at all could the event of death show beauty to another human being?

If the person lived a life of


And used the spirit within them to inspire, motivate or encourage others to live


Are among two things which I can think of

When the spirit leaves the body and passes on, without having lived the true beauty of what God created their life to be is true death and a tragedy.

However we admire people who created a life that connected them to others through creativity, love, dreams and the willingness to beat un- surmountable odds.

We love others who reach out to help those who are in need (we call these guardians of the gate nurses, teachers, doctors, firefighters, police officers, etc) these are those who dedicate their lives to the duty of helping, protecting and saving others

We love the inspiration will feel when others tell us their testimony of how they created the story of their dream life, whether its the biggest loser who lost 175 pounds in 6 months or the man who learned to walk again after being in a tragic battle over seas protecting and serving in Afghanistan

The story of the cancer patient, how they overcame and beat their sickness,

Not even to mention the beautiful love stories revealed by 75 year old twin flames reminiscing of  how they met the love of their lives.

We love the feeling of accomplishment when someones retells the similar life journey that resembles that journey of our own life and they were able to succeed, even though they encountered several hardships and obstacles.

This energy of these peoples lives comes alive within the telling of their stories and this somehow emotionally connects us to them.

We love the songs, the books, the art, the creativity of another person that mirrors the reflection of what we are thinking and feeling on the inside of us.

Those who inspired us (Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, Loved Ones, Friends, Supporters of Human Rights, Artists, Writers, Singers, Actors, the list goes on and on etc….) Their dreams, visions and creativity live on within us and around us to this day.

Consistently inspiring us to get off of our butts and do something, anything at all to ignite the passion and desire to change within our own lives.

Change, if not now, when?  Does death bring the immediate need for us to see the true beauty of having been blessed with life?

It should

We all know one hundred fifty years from now, none of us that are alive today, will be here in the year 2163.  So my suggestion to you is

LIVE while you still have life

Dream Big because you have life

The fun part of your life is the journey of experiences

You being able to tell the next person your story of

the choices

the decisions

the paths that has been chosen

You can always try again and again to find the path that leads you to happiness

You can always dump all the baggage that has not been serving you up until this time

Use each of your life’s seconds, minutes and hours to create life

Say to yourself “I WANT TO LIVE!”


How many lives have you witnessed that went unused?

Please do not sit back and allow your life to end up this way, Don’t wait until death happens to you.

Get rid of procrastinations and memories that are keeping you living in sadness, pain, and unhappiness created by others?

Stop it with the self-sabotaging ways that keep you from beginning to create the life that you deserve.

Reach out and get help if you have memories or thoughts that keep you living in a negative cycle which keeps attracting negativity to you.

Do not let shame, guilt, embarrassment or resentments keep you hiding in a shell isolated from others.

My Love today live your best life today.  Let each day be a gift within itself to you.  Allow yourself the pleasure of LIVING

Today may you be blessed with love, happiness, joy, peace, abundance, health, prosperity and contentment


Spirit Sunshine


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