How Many Times?

No matter how many times I need to say this I will because you matter to me and I want you to have love, happiness, success, joy, peace and health in your life

Its such a simple silly concept, but if I can love at least one person a day.

One minute at a time, I think I can help them to see the light that shines brightly ahead of them

When I get a client the first thing I ask them is “What are your results?” yes,

Tell me your results, I can measure your exact thinking, feelings, emotions and actions on a continual basis

Your results are telling the stories of your past thinking

We are always living in the residual of our past thinking and thoughts of yesterday’s behavior which in turn may develop into today’s results

Thinking changes your bodily conditions and environment

Thoughts are the causes of your feelings

example: “I feel sad because I am thinking about actions PAST or PRESENT which produces sad feelings and energy within the body right now.  When ever I used to think of my dad passing a year ago (and being his only child) I would get waves of grief and sadness. Why? because I was thinking sad thoughts. What was my thinking (sad thought of Dad passing). What were my actions (I got depressed, felt alone and began to cry.

Now, notice  When I changed my thoughts to one of celebrating my dad’s life, and the love we shared with one another, and all of the fun things we did I would immediately feel an energy shift within. I would smile. Then I would get to singing and humming to myself which really lifted my spirits and then I could feel my creative juices back to moving. My Love,  Really it was just that simple.  And for some issues it may not be that simple. This is why its best to look within to see what is blocking your happiness…

So lets take a look:

Your Mind

1. You mind action or thinking, noticed or unnoticed, precedes all other action

2. Whatever you think in your mind is always followed by physical or bodily actions of some kind

3. Your mind then perceives this resultant body action or condition

4. The mind then connects you with your actions (now look at your environment, relationships, or events)…..what have you been thinking?

My Love, if you can get this you can create whatever happiness you want in life. 

Your mind is the thinker

When your mind thinks a thought (everything in the universe works to bring to fruition your thought) so if you are having negative thoughts, what do you think the universe is going to bring to you?

When you have thoughts or ideas that are positive ( the universe responds likewise and brings good things to you)

Its always your choice. I cannot make you have positive choices (however, I do my best to see you in love with yourself and life)

No matter what you think you have allowed most of what you are experiencing into your life (whether its the relationship, the career, the place to live, the clothes you wear, the furniture you sit on, all of life shows you what you are choosing)

Choice = free will, which is a result of combinations and comparisons of your own thinking

this thinking causes you to determine to act or sit still and keep creating a life of poverty, lack, un-loving, sadness, pain, hurt or a myriad of other negative free will choices

My love today my prayer is that you will choose mental actions and conditions that promotes love and happiness and joy within your life

My love may your mental actions originate from a place of love, health and prosperity to live your best life today

And as your mental actions increase and intensifies your bodily actions, may you reach out to others and help them to live their best life today

Today my prayer for you is may you be in a place of love, happiness, peace, joy, abundance, health, prosperity and contentment…..I really want to see us all living the life of happiness we were all meant to live.  It’s time to break through whatever it is that keeps you stuck and not moving forward.  And if my love can be a compass, then I am here to offer it to you.


Spirit Sunshine


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