Making Peace Within

Sometimes in order to have peace and love within you will need to travel into the places that are blocking your path to happiness, love, health, creativity and abundance

Things that can block your happiness and peace mainly stems from early childhood and continues to manifest through past and present relationships, environments and situations

If you look outside of yourself and you see that your life includes relationships or situations that are inappropriate, situations or relationships that make you sad or causes you to cry, feel pain or emotions of depression

Then I will tell you honestly that this is the world that you are creating. This is the world reflection of what is within yourself. And you owe it to yourself to get these things from within you

Yes, love you will need to clear and cleanse yourself of those things which blocks your view of being happy, there is no short cut, you will have to one day look at this with love and acceptance and allow that which saddens you to be released and forgiven

Much of who you are, what you do, and how you feel on a day by day basis is rooted within the painful experiences of these past and present relationships

This is why it is so important to resolve any and everything that is blocking you from feeling love within. Because, this hampers your energy and you can’t send love out and you can receive love

Emotional wounds can be the biggest culprit of blocking your success in relationships, health and finances

Some of these emotional wounds includes a life of discouragement, failure, despair, grief, guilt, self-rejection, and self-pity

When we are emotionally wounded we block or hide our emotions because we no longer want to feel the sting of the pain the rejection or abandonment has caused within us

However by doing this we block our heart center and love is unable to flow into us from others who are willing to love us nor can love flow out of us to connect us with the love of others

Emotionally wounded people live within a continual depressed state or air of sadness, this means something is really troubling this sad spirit

Emotional wounds diminishes your quality of life, keep in mind that isolation and limitation is what keeps the person from moving freely within life

Who can heal these wounds? self-examination and commitment to growth are important. Sometimes the causes of wounds are so hidden so well, you may not know that they actually exist

So you may need the help of another to help you to see them

But if you look around your life and you don’t see the happiness you deserve, the relationships you deserve, the prosperity you deserve or the level of accomplishments you deserve. Then I can assure you that your thoughts and emotions are wounded and have blocked your path to receiving your good

Becoming fully aware of your significance and how much you matter to God and others who want to share and enjoy life with you is very important

You have something to offer the world, and the world needs you to live your best life now, so happiness, joy, peace and love is the cornerstone and hallmark that we should all strive to live for

 Take the time to go within to the inner you and find out what is blocking your life of love and happiness

The time you can start to begin this process is now

Wouldn’t you like to see love in all areas of your life?

Today love, live your best life. Be the best you that you can be. Give the world your best. Say your best and Do your Best

I pray you have love, happiness, peace, abundance, health, prosperity and contentment



Spirit Sunshine


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