The Key to Self Transformation

Here is a key for you to un-lock the door within your spiritual self

Renewal of your mind and your thoughts

God’s spirit and words takes root in your heart

My love your thoughts flow from your heart (the heart is the place were positive love and words of God speaking your destiny lives) this is God’s creative power living within you

Your thoughts flow from your heart (creative power of God)

Which is formed by the words of your tongue

Your words and actions works as you confess these words over your life and these words precedes your actions; this is how you are creating your present life

When you know better, you do better

You are sustained by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God whom ordained your life. You are destined to speak the best over your life and the lives of others

You are a spirit, You have a soul, you live in a body

To operate successfully in this world your soul, spirit and body has to be fed properly at the same time.

Your soul / intellect  feeds on intellectual foods (thinking positive thoughts)

You Body feeds on physical forms of food (eating healthy foods)

Spirit / heart feeds on spiritual food


My love today please take note of what thoughts, feelings and emotions you are feeding yourself within.

Because this is what creates your world without side of you

What thoughts are you allowing to develop in your mind are these positive or negative thoughts?

What words are you or others speaking over you? are these positive words or negative words?

What foods are you feeding your body? healthy food or junk food?

What joys are you feeding your spirit? negative images or positive images?


Today be the best you, enjoy the positive food today, enjoy a positive thought today, do something positive today

May you have love, peace, prosperity, joy, happiness, abundance, health and contentment



Spirit Sunshine



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