Let’s See That Smile!

Taking five minutes for yourself every day is the best thing you can do.

Time to relax and take a moment for yourself? no thoughts, no feelings, no emotions, no words

Sometimes we can get so busy with life and being there for everyone else, that we don’t take the time to smile within ourselves.

Congratulate yourself for the small changes that you have accomplished.

Think positively

Love, Laugh, Live

Have a positive attitude about yourself

Use color in your life. Notice your favorite color that is within your surroundings

Put on your favorite song and during this time don’t think of nothing but loving on yourself

Taking time for yourself Isolates you so you can focus on your inner aspects (emotions, thoughts, feelings, words)

Knowing what your emotions are, thoughts are, feelings are and words are can help you create an entire new world for yourself

If you change one thought, one emotion, one feeling, one word and one action, your life will change

Choose a thought, emotion, feeling, word and action that shows you how much you love yourself. 

If you do not see your beautiful within, sometimes its hard for others to see your beauty within

If you take the time needed to connect to your inner beauty you will change in your life


Today Love create your life of happiness, love, peace, abundance, prosperity, joy, health, and contentment 


I Love You

Spirit Sunshine


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