No One Should Ever Feel Unloved



I have made it my own personal mission to reach a lonely person everyday of my life. In loneliness is a darkness and pain that only pure love and acceptance can heal. Today you and I can be a light for others.   If any of the below scenario’s touches YOUR heart,

Then please use the love you have within yourself and take the time today to reach out to at least one person who is ready to receive your love. Because:

No one should feel unloved, uncared for and  neglected

no one should feel abandoned, no one should feel lost in love

no one should feel rejected, no one should feel unloved

no one should feel unsupported

no one should feel like they do not matter

no one should feel like there is no hope for their future

no one should feel bullied

no one should feel restless and wounded

no one should feel isolated and lonely

no one should feel like they are an outcast

no one should feel like no one cares about them


I am assuming that we all have been there in the above emotions at one time or another at some point in our lives. And experience has taught us that when someone else showed up in our lives to offer their love, their hugs, acceptance and understanding it made all the difference and we were able to move past these feelings and emotions to create a much better life for ourselves.

Today be that someone who matters in another person’s life. Take the love that is within you and share it with someone else. They will be happy that you did. Sometimes all it takes is a smile. Or a happy face text message,  Or the way your eyes light up when they walk in the room. Whatever method you show up in, just be conscious of the love you are sending out.

Take the time to connect to the isolation and loneliness of others. They need you. Your love and support does matter.  Today you could be the light that pulls someone out of a deep depression. Your acknowledgement of him or her may be the communication needed to dry their tears. Life can change for one person, because you say to them I am here for you and yes you do matter to me.

In life when someone shows another unconditional love you will see growth in this person’s life. Sow seeds of love and you will grow and the other person will grow also. Watch them dream, hope and have visions of a better future, a happier life and now you both have a new friendship. A friendship based on love, respect, honor, trust and unconditional acceptance of one another.

Today you could be the friend to someone who hasn’t connected with others for fear of rejection, today you could be a shinning star to someone who thought that the world doesn’t have any more love left in it.

Please Look around you and open your eyes to those in this world who are hurting, lonely people all over the world. If you are someone who is lonely you can always reach out to me. I will everything I can to show up and be there for you. You can always email me or connect with me.

Today be the best that you can be, live a life of love, prosperity, health, happiness, joy, abundance and contentment



Spirit Sunshine


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