I Want to Embrace You

You’ve been going through some things and dealing with some changes? I know your amazed that I know.

Our History’s  may be different however, I embrace the stories within you that connects and mirrors the journey’s of your heart with my heart.

We are graduates of this earth’s life classes in the subject areas of Love, Rejection, Abandonment, Sadness, Disappointments, Fear of failure, Fear of Success, Frustration, Anger and Anxieties. Once the veil that hides these emotions falls from our faces

Ahhhh, we look like twins

I want to be a part of your dreams, I want to stretch my arms wide and hug the difference in you, If I could cry a thousand tears for each time you have felt alone and bewildered I would

I would say I love you over and over again, until each moment of pain and sadness passes from within your spirit to mine

I would take the things that you are afraid of out of your heartbeat, and I would protect your heart, as if I could save you from the delicate growth of your spirit

I would watch you as you sleep like a loving mother watches over the stillness of her newborn child to make sure it’s breathing with each moment

You make me come alive with your creativity, with your dreams and with your essence

Today realize our life history is what is different, this does not matter to me I love you still.

My precious love be the best you today enjoy prosperity, abundance

Create the best for yourself today, be in love, health, happiness and joy

Do the best you can do today for yourself and others, share and care

Reach for the highest positive emotion you can reach today, live in ecstasy that you are alive!

I am the essence of a love reflecting you in the mirror. Yes I see you shinning.






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