The Journey Within

Some people are afraid of the journey within the soul. Sometimes we can avoid the journey within from fear of really facing the truth of who and what we are. “A Spirit”

It is within we discover the bridge to where the illusion of the world we have created around us begins to shatter and crumble.

The place where thoughts disappear, emotions dissolve, feelings fall away, words lose their negativity and actions are made from a place of integrity and character.

Facing this truth of the self and the world and how we have created all of these stories and titles of being is where we find freedom.

It takes a brave spirit to complete the journey within, to know how they show up as love in this world. Within is the place where love, intentions, motivations and desires live,

Deep within the infinity of the soul is the pearl of wisdom of who you really are

Within you is a love so powerful and beautiful that if you ever figure out the way to release it, you would be living your purpose, and at the same time helping hundreds, maybe even thousands of people to find the same essence of love within themselves

When I think of each human spirit on the face of this earth I imagine what would life be like if each being was living from the love within, without fear? Change would be imminent.

I guess you can say I am a dreamer, because the world that I see is filled with love, caring, sharing, giving, honesty, respect, and good will to everyone.

I have been on a quest to inspire, encourage and motivate others to be more loving, considerate and understanding of others and to do what they can to help elevate love in someone else life.

Today take the journey within and begin to create love, happiness, peace, joy, abundance, prosperity, health and contentment in your life.



Spirit Sunshine



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