Today I was Still

Today was exceptionally still within me today

I appreciated the birds singing, I seen a Cardinal flying from tree to tree and I admired the beauty of this delicate sweet bird. I said a small simple prayer for you. “May love overflow in your heart, may you notice three things today that is not connected to finances, relationships or problems. May you find a small still place within to notice the beauty of the world, which you can do when you are still and quiet within”

I admired and appreciated the beauty of the tree that that bird landed on. The massive trunk of the tree, with towering branches, bare like a skeleton (now that it’s winter). In fours more weeks this same tree will be shinning and bringing forth the leaves of spring and laden filled with pollen. I was still observant and still with the tree and its beauty. Yes, the tree and I have endured another winter. The tree has had to shed some leaves, ( I had to shed some pounds and things that no longer served my purpose and journey also) and just as the tree is preparing to renew itself, I will choose to renew  myself within this spring.

Today admire three things that are not connected to all the rifts and rafts concerned with being in this world. Today allow yourself to enjoy a minute of peace and stillness within.


Today create love, happiness, peace, joy, abundance, health, prosperity and contentment



Spirit Sunshine


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