Dear Reader

Dear Reader, If you only knew the love, appreciation and gratitude I feel towards you. All my love ever needed was your attention and you willingly gave it to me. And I humbly bow my head to you to say “Thank You!”

When your searching for a place and that place is deep within your spirit, sometimes you need friends who want to see you excel and grow. Dear Reader I feel that you are that friend to me.

Each one of you make my eyes light up, each time I read a blog, or a poem or a post I feel alive and free and it’s like I’m receiving love from you.

Dear Reader,  I feel I need to tell you this or you would never know how much you mean to me. 🙂 never stop on your dreams, never give up on you and never stop believing in yourself

One day the only memory left of me will be the people I’ve loved, the words I write upon this blog page, some pictures of me, and the essence of my spirit (clothes, shoes, home, car etc.,) will only be left upon the imprint of this earth.  I consider myself blessed. Most of all with love.

I really wanted you (Dear Reader)  to know while I yet live how much I appreciate your loving energy and the encouragement I feel in my heat towards you.

It pleases my spirit and all is well with my soul to know that so many of you are open and responsive to love. I enjoy reading every blog and every poem and every inspiration. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, all the talent, love, art and inspiration is awesome and creative at best.

Dear Reader, I enjoy this about you and I love sending love back to you. I’m overjoyed to know that although we come from different education levels, genders, backgrounds, social-economic status, backgrounds, and ethnicity that we are all connected through love, life, faith, hope, writing, dreams, and supporting one another.

Your love and attention has had such an impact upon the inspiration within me, Just as all of your words, poems and blogs have inspired me. Keep doing what you do. Yes, reach for the stars,,,,,if you don’t make it……at least you are amongst the stars 🙂 Spread your wings and fly. Live your best life today.  Be your best self today and Love yourself and someone else today.

May today you create love, peace, happiness, joy, abundance, health, prosperity and contentment within your life.

Dear Reader, I LOVE YOU

Spirit Sunshine


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