Recognize the Univeral Language of Love

Universal Language of Love is felt by everyone, no matter who we are or where we come from.

The hands that I touch with, I touch with love

The eyes that I see with, I see with love

The voice that I speak with, I speak words with love

The ears that I hear with, I hear words of love

The hands and fingers that encourage me to give with love, I also receive with love

The heart that powers my life beat, my heartbeat is love

The body that encourages my movement, I dance with love

The legs that get me there, I move in the direction of love

The feet that provide me support, I feel supported in love

The arms that give me balance, I hug and receive balance, harmony and love

I am moving in the essence of love, I am being love because its love that gets me where I am going

Love has taken me to a place of peace, an environment surrounded by friends, family

and those who love me, encourage me, and support me.


Where is Universal Love taking you to today my friend?

If you are not in the place of love (receiving and giving love)……..then re-trace your steps. I have faith in you that you can get to the place of love

Real love will never lead you wrong….. use all of your faculties to bear the fruit of love,  the essence of love takes the wheel of your physical body and drives you to the higher places of awareness.

You will go places you’ve never been before. You will understand life on a level that is beneficial for you and mankind.

You have the strength within to overcome any setback or adversity. You will begin to create from within a life filled with you

You feel a warmth that connects you to everything and everyone in perfect timing. You receive the flow of love back from everything and everyone

Love is always there to meet you, greet you and be there as a friend for you.


Today walk in love, talk in love, touch with love, receive with love, give with love, see with love, hear with love, my friends be in love…..


Spirit Sunshine




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