I love to observe the process of restoration. I love things of old. Because once restored the beauty is once again admired

Maybe you remember the before and after picture of something or someone who has been restored. Or maybe you  are like me, loving to add life and love into anything that is willing to accept your creative spark.

Maybe you’ve seen the body / frame of an old antique car brought back to life. Picture this with me an old 1960 Chevy Impala, this is an old car that someone dumped in the junk yard after its many uses for transportation of owners to different destinations. And several years later used up long ago is now left and abandoned never to be of value to anyone again.  Until someone with vision comes across this hunk of junk. This person painstakingly takes the time to take note of a before and after picture of the old car. This helps the one with the vision to restore the car and bring the beauty, vitality and shine back to life within this old abandoned car. And after months of sweat, preservation, determination and vision. The car is brought back to life, revving its engine, the flow of admiring glances of those who admire the cars sleek new shine as it drives past. The car once again lives and wins the heart of all who understands this process. Not only has the car been restored to its past value, but becomes worth more now that it is restored.

Think of the old car sitting in the junk yard, or the antique picture worth millions that someone tossed out, or the literary genius that people ignored or turned down,,,,or the old house someone forgot about and wrote off as a loss…..that is until someone comes along and say’s “Hey, I see your beauty, I see your value and I admire your worth” All I need to do is put a little love, vision, spark and happiness within you and watch the creative spark within you come alive…..

Today could you take a before picture of what it is you want to restore and change in your life right now. Whether it’s your relationship, your health, your finances, your creativity. Whatever it is take the picture….. if you are alone and you want to be in a relationship, take a picture and underneath it write (me & alone) then leave the thought there and the next day create another vision of what your after picture will look like. This time write ( Me & Love), and then a Week later take another picture (Me & Happiness)  Smile about it, because you have the vision of what you want to fill that picture with instead of a picture of (Me & Alone). Sooner then you think you will see the presence of love (someone in the picture with you) first you have to have the ability to create the vision of what you want instead of continually attracting me & alone.  You can do the same with prosperity. Take a picture with whatever money you have (Me, love and little money) and then when you receive more money take another picture (Me, love, creating with more money) and then when your receive more money ( Me, love, creating positive flow of money, infinitely and more money is coming) etc.,,,,,

The point is to hold onto the vision of what it is that you are willing to restore and create. You become conscious of what you want. and you can feel the love and positive vibration and flow of what you want happening for you and to you.

Remember, sometimes we can be just like this car. tossed out, abandoned, neglected and forgotten…. Sitting Idle and Hopeless until someone comes along and recognize the restoration possibilities. This someone is me. I see you and I am believing in your restoration. I’m not worried about the before picture…..I know your possibilities…….

Today create a life of happiness, openness to receive love and blessings, today be in love with yourself and your life.

Much love, happiness, prosperity, abundance, joy, health, and contentment


I Love You

Spirit Sunshine


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