Insert Your Name Here :)

I’m in love with you. Just because you are you, I take the time to just observe you

Because observing your essence, your love fills my heart with peace, love and happiness

I love the light reflected within your eyes, I can see myself through your eyes. You don’t judge me. In your eyes I feel perfect

I love Your smile,You should smile more often

I love your laughter, you should laugh all the time

I love the funny way you dance, you should dance all the time

I love the annoying way only you could be,  ummm…. no,  LOL, stop annoying me (smile) I’m just kidding

I love the way you allow yourself to let your hair down, you should relax more often

At times you ruffle my feathers, but I love this about you too! You Help me to see myself!

I love it when you communicate with me, I know you are thinking of me.

I love it when You don’t call me. Because, I understand that life has taken you into the place where you need your space to try to figure things out on your own.

I love the way you continue to try loving me, at succeeding and being in a healthy relationship with me, This shows me that I matter to you.

I love knowing you are going to make it, because I know we share the same vision of love, To create a beautiful life and world filled with peace.

I love to give you your space, because I know when the time is right you will come back to me

I love to share with you and be here for you, because I know you will share with me and be here for me

I love to deposit love into you. Because I know love will make you strong and you will also deposit love into me

You can always lean on me if you feel weak from the tests and trials thrown at you by the worldI am blessed to have you in my world, you are my Precious Sweet Angel


Today create love, happiness, joy, peace, prosperity, health, abundance and contentment in your life

I Love You

Spirit Sunshine


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