I Remember you & I See Your Halo

I see your Halo, the essence of your being shines brightly like a bright star. You are radiant. I can find you by your shine

We live in Heaven, we love one another, we experience peace and a deep comforting caring for one another.

We hug and Kiss often

I love you and You love Me

It’s hard for me to stay away from you. because I always see myself mirrored within your eyes; we’re connected within the essence of love attached to our spirit.

Instead of speaking we feel this essence infinitely, it’s our essence

We dance and we play, Being a Spirit is good. We enjoy all the pleasures of being just because we are

In essence you feel my essence of “I love you” again and again a million times a day, I love you…….we  surround ourselves in universal energy like this all day and its an essence of deep sentiment, honor and humility……..this is really all we know.

Yes all we know is love. All we have is love, All we are is love…….


We want to experience life outside of the infinity of this love, yes the magnificence of the love we created is limitless, so we create a place to go where this love essence can experience limits.

 We journey to a far away place, its called earth. Here we experience something called life experiences through using spiritual tools ( thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and actions) while our spirit is clothed in an earth like vehicle.

Here on Earth you have forgotten me.

For some odd reason I awakened on my earth journey……I had held onto pieces of my heavenly spirit (essence of love) during the  long light years journey.

I bumped into you randomly on earth. Through essence only, I feel you and I see you and I remember you, I hold the essence of your vibration within me and Its familiar of my longing for our Heavenly Home. You were alive in my soul…….

But, now you don’t remember me (ouch this hurts) We’ve been together for eons since before the beginning of time.

I begin to cry…….I experience this pain for the first time……Why did you forget me? Why don’t I matter to you?  Why can’t you and I create the same essence of love here on earth?  tears slide down my face…….I have an idea, I must reach out to you.

I look for ways to get your attention, I ask you several times if you remember me? But you say to me playfully , “Aw Spirit, I don’t have time to deal with my spirit essence.  I live to exist on the earth now, and I don’t have time to remember”

The best way and only way I know   how to reach you is through the essence of my words.

I speak softly” I love you”,” please wake up and come back to me” you are part of  my essence.

after a short time, I begin to catch a glimmer of love’s essence within your eyes, yes your spirit is awakening and responding. You remember the essence of love and

You run into my embrace and we hug, we kiss, we laugh, we play,  we cry and you remember………


Spirit Sunshine


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