Human and Divine Nature



Human and Divine nature
We are of both worlds
overwhelmed by one
we lose awareness of the other

Quiet Time

Mind hushed, desires still
Surrender is all that remains
An opening larger than you can imagine
That place where all the Grace pours in


I take my first breath
Movement, my body shakes
The rug must be beaten
If you wish to clean the dirt within

Now in purity
I enter that sacred place
Mouth opened, spreading wings
In flight with the angels, I begin to sing

I feel my blood flowing
As it pulsates through my veins
Detached thoughts move like clouds
I watch in peace as they pass me by

If you see me here
Its with deceiving eyes
I have dived so deep within
I’m in a wholly different realm

Wherein lies the Divine Power
Direct contact with Life’s source
It is the place of light…

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