Experience the Power of Your Love

I have More Love Deposits for your heart today

You can create your life of love in this moment.

Powerful love is the power of Love which inspires you to create positive experiences for your life and the life of those you’ve come into connection with.

Love is the creative energy that allows one to manifest their divine purpose. Whatever you love you will create it within your life. First by (air) thinking, the thought and the action becomes connected through the fluid / water of (emotion) and fire (desire/ action / passion) of  your conscious creation ability will manifest.

Thought: “I love to write”

Emotion: “Love”

Words” I love to write”

Action – I write

Whatever you love (whether on a subconscious level or unconscious level) you will create.

Whether you are conscious of this or not You will create either positive energy or negative energy and you will know what is going on within you, based on the reflection of what you see on the outside of you.

This love is grand and powerful and inspires you from the inside. (not looking on the outside of you to create your happiness)

Love is the powerful creative energy that we all seek to exist in. Love manifests energy. Love has the power to create forgiveness. Forgiveness which stops the pain and hurt within; Love is like an elixir.

Love creates the energy which inspires you to create the dream job, to experience a new relationship without the old thoughts, to buy a new house or car, and  Love creates the energy for you to begin to live a healthy new life style maintaining a healthy weight etc.,

Love is the emotional experience of Creative Power when used correctly.  

With the power of Love You can create the right environment and situation which allows you to buy those new shoes you would love to put on…

Love Inspires………find the love within and allow this love to propel you forward to create the life you want to experience

Love stops the wheels of Karma.

Pure love is to let others live life in their own choices and decision and not to force others to live life the way we want them to do life. This creates gentleness and contentment within you (so this is for your sake).

Love is the powerful creative energy that excites compassion and empathy within the heart. Love stirs the strings of understanding within the mind to create compassion instead of judgments.

Love’s power reveals contentment which expresses a gentleness for others, a tenderness which creates humility when you see another within a situation that is negative. Especially if the creation within their life is based on the power of their own spoken words, emotions, thoughts and actions.

There is a difference between having (negative experience) based on when someone else speaks, thinks or creates negativity for you or vice versa (this begins the wheel of Karma; which can be released through love and forgiveness).

There is always the right moment, person or situation that presents itself for you to find a way to clear negative baggage that keeps you from receiving and giving love and creating the life that you want.

Do your best to “Let Go” of the negative baggage, because it is no longer supporting your new consciousness of love. Seek more experiences that reveals the power of love.

Open yourself to love and allow love to fuel your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. You will be amazed at the beauty you will create in your life and others life.

Today choose to love because your creativity, financial increase, happiness, relationships and others want to receive your loving energy.

Note* if within yourself you feel the movement of liquid / watery feelings of emotions – it is only leading you to be conscious of how you create love in your life. You know how to pay attention to your words, thoughts and actions (this is creativity in action)

My prayer for you, today create much love, happiness, peace, joy, abundance, creativity, health, prosperity and contentment for you today



I love you

Spirit Sunshine


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