Love a driving force, (unconditional and eternal) is an expressed synergy of emotion, feeling, thought, actions, desires, and much much more, to the unseeing eye its the essence that pulls us to another. The essence filled with the fluid of emotion, connected through the synapses of thought, and fueled by the action and desire of connection and compatibility, supported on the foundations of our physical 3D experience.

Love is the longevity of someone saying ” I am here” “Talk to me” “Please, Show me where it hurts and I will help you to mend it” 

Love is open and transparent and reflective of love (regardless of how others may show it).

Love is being careful, considerate and delicate with the keys which allow you to enter into the corridors of another persons heart. The corridors of the heart is very delicate.

Love is the simplicity of unconditional actions and responses that says to another “Tell me what you need from me and I will do my best to make this come true for you” “Love is wanting with every fiber of your being to say yes, to love” and not be afraid to be in love

Love is the aspect of energy between different backgrounds of people who only want to say “Share with me” “Accept Me”, “Care about me”

Love is the backdrop of really seeing someone (without the judgment or expectation) even the someone who is screaming in desperation and acting in non-conformed ways to be seen and held in regards.

Love is the tear that falls as (another) cries is heard in sorrow, grief or silent suffering. And in honor of this known pain you hang your head down low (also) because you feel the heartbeat of their grief, let downs, sadness and defeated countenance. You know better days are coming.

Love is tried and tested and true throughout all the ages and has stood the tests of time.

“I’m loving you in this moment, because you matter! I Care! What can I say to encourage you? or What Do I need to do to Help you? I’m Here for you, I love you, I accept you, I believe in you, but most of all

I SEE YOU…………………..


Love Spirit Sunshine





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