I Love You

If you are willing to receive my simple and humble gift.   I share with you every day my love.  I will deposit unconditional love into your Heart Bank? Within my own heart and spirit I picture your heart, your spirit, and the entirety of your being within. I intentionally send unconditional love to you, knowing in faith and belief that my love, support, encouragement and good will fills your heart with love, strength and passion to live the best life you can live everyday.

When I think of you receiving this unconditional love energy I visualize your life filled with loving, healthy, supportive relationships, I see your life vibrant, abundant and prosperous in all areas: (mind, body, spirit, soul and this vibrant energy overflows into your relationships, creativity, health and finances). I am faithful and dependable to deposit this unconditional love into your spirit energy everyday. I think you are great! It’s such a joy to know that you live.

My prayer for you, Dear One, may everything you touch and do on this earth be filled with unconditional love, prosperity, abundance and joy. May synchronicity open the pathway for you to receiving miracles and blessings; may all the right people come into your life at the right time to open doorways of spiritual and material blessings.

Most of all may your spirit continue to shine brightly with love, grace, health, prosperity, happiness, peace, joy and abundance. May all who see you will know that you are filled with the  pure essence of Love.


Love Spirit Sunshine


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