I want to tell them

“Hurry Up!” “I hate coming into this store!” the lady standing in front of me screams at the grocery store clerk. I can see now that this experience is going to be unpleasant. The lady in front of me is displaying the characters of anger and impatience. How upset the lady is is relevent. The anger and the impatience of this Lady was also revealing  the nature of something else going on deeper within her, something dark and unsettling. Something more sinister than this mild experience which actually poses itself in the grocery store at this moment in time.

The clerk, an average build nineteen year old male,  blushes deeply and responds sheepishly to the irate lady “Ma’m, this is my third day at work. And I’m new here, I’m doing the best I can” the clerk responded all to eagerly looking for some excuse to fight the experience of injustices of the Lady’s stinging words and accusing glare. This seems to be his pattern, pissing people off!

I was standing behind the lady. Just looking and observing the entire experience and trying my best not to get caught up in all of this emotional / confrontational negative energy.  I could literally feel within my body, the anger of the lady standing in front of me  and I could observe her frustration, I began looking around the store, playing the silent observer, acting nonchalant as if I was not really present (silently I prayed, please let this moment pass so I can get my food and get on up out of here) at the same time I was connecting to the inner peace within myself. 

I looked over at the devastated clerk. Yeah, today may be his last day of work, I thought…I didn’t feel within myself that he could handle the pressure of situations such as this one. Although He could learn from this experience. However I felt like there was much more going on within the clerk.  I could also feel the meekness and exasperation of the store clerk. He was sweating profusely, his eyes were dilated and he seem to be on the verge of a nervous break down.

CRASHING NOISES ARE MADE as some of the grocery contents (belonging to the Lady standing directly in front of me), hit the floor. Out poured the milk, cracked were the eggs and flour scattered and mixed it all together as if a cake was about to be made. Now you can guess what happens next. Yes, you guessed it , The Lady In Front of Me Explodes!

“You Stupid Idiot!” The Lady begins with obscene comments degrading the clerk. The clerk totally frustrated by now begins pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair several times. He is confused and does not know where to begin ( the irate customer, the messy scene, the feelings of hopelessness) etc.,

It is at this moment that I begin to laugh hysterically……..the entire scene is too much…….I’m waiting on Divine Intervention of God the Infinite Movie Creator to Yell “CUT”, “And now everyone take five”.

I take five minutes………I get up from the computer on writing this scene…..I stretch my arms and legs.

The characters, the actors, the feelings, the emotions, the thoughts, the words, the actions….etc., are not real. I was freestyle writing

I want to tell the actors……..(because through the scripting of this scene of illusion of experience, emotions, thoughts and words they come alive and therefore also believed the scene was real)…….I want to tell you also (because you believed it was real).

However please be mindful don’t tell the actor’s 🙂 they are determined to finish out the scene you wouldn’t want to ruin it for them 🙂

Welcome to the process of Awakening!

Spirit Sunshine


O.k and 5, 4, 3, 2….

The lady blows up, anger spewing viciously from her mouth, the clerk sits on the floor with his hands in his lap…….his looks up to the Heaven’s and begins to pray “Our Father……..


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