Spirit Is Awakened & Feeling Refreshed

Feeling refreshed within is a feeling you get when you really connect to your inner spirit. A connection to that special place deeply and grand within yourself. You see the beautiful vision of your life and you can smile. Your thoughts and focus are laser clear. You know how you want to live your life, you know where you want to go to in life, you also know the when, and why you want to begin living your life. Your Spirit is Awakened and Feeling Refreshed today your life has new meaning and purpose.

Your relationships have deepened ( your satisfied now because you know through experience, and forgiveness which relationships to keep and which relationships to let go of, never to repeat these experiences again). There’s a twinkle in your eye, you’ve endured the hardest of relationships  and were taught the hardest of lessons. And in light of these hard lessons you can fully appreciate your self  and others and begin loving again and inviting in new relationships. Today, you can relate to others in such a way that the other(s) and yourself  feel connected, healthy, blessed, supported and loved.  Your understanding of love, acceptance and non-judgment has grown to replace the fear of rejection pain and doubt (these old mind-records replay over and over again until you finally learn the lesson),

You have pep in your step, each and every day, (no matter if it’s winter, summer, spring or fall; raining or snowing)  you awake you begin to notice great things about yourself and your life, Happiness now shines through the mirror of others eyes to you. Today you see a sparkle once again reflected in your eyes and theirs. People can’t resist helping you to succeed and be healthy and prosperous.  Pleasant memories and thoughts flow towards you every where you go ( the clutter that once filled your mind, and heart is no longer there). You can feel your Spirit.  You’ve silenced your mind and live from the Spirit of who you are. You nestle into the serenity and calmness of living each moment as a gift. Gently and slowly you have recaptured the beauty of your life. Today is refreshing because you remember the path for your life, the path where all of you (mind, body, spirit, and soul) comes together. The path of Spirit  that special grand place within : the place of  your visions, creative spirit and blessings live . You’ve reconnected to the miracles of your inner Spirit. The miracle of your life is awakened & refreshed, reflecting back to you that your life is a revelation of hope, promise, love, abundance, peace, joy, health and love.

Love Spirit Sunshine


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