Spirit Experience? vs Earthly Experience? (A glimpse behind the veil)

A spirit is born. Entering the doorway of earth into a physical body which enters through a mothers womb.

What will the life of this vast spirit experience?

How will the child spirit experience gender? ethnicity? culture?  what type of environment will he or she live in?,

How will the child spirit adopt certain life titles; such as those of a mother / father / sister/ employee/ friend / teacher or doctor?

What thoughts? Emotions? Feelings? Actions? biology? will the young spirit focus on and create?

Which choices?, decisions?, motivations? and intentions will surround the energy of the child Spirit propelling this delicate life forward in day to day experiences?

The spirit is enclosed within the child it’s a delicate process of seven to nine months. After much incubating and growing. Synchronicity is the processes of the Earth Child’s Birth Day! (Day, month, time, year) when He or She is born,  The earthly form of the earth child begins to develop; second upon second, minute upon minute, hour by hour, day after day, month after month, year after year. The child spirit has now grown within the flesh into an average sized earth ADULT

The earthly form of the Earth Adult has dominated the child’s inner spiritual self. The body and the mind of the Earth Adult is the controller of everything the Adult experiences in life (most of these experiences are based on the relationships of earth child’s childhood).

The Spirit within the Earth Adult no longer has a say in what goes on within or outside of the Earth Adult. The Earth Adult has edged the spirit self out of the picture of life (EGO).  The Adult lives each day based on the paradigms, titles, associations and  experiences set in motions by others. He or she no longer can separate truth from illusion.   Life has now become the Illusion surrounding the Earth Adult, he or she is fully engaged and entangled within the perception of the experience….the Earth Adult actually beleives he or she is the experiences of life (a doctor, employee, parent, friend, a lover of art) the earth Adult believes he / she is the actual experience. This is why experiences influence the Earth Adult in negative and positive ways.

For if you take these experiences away the Earth Adult becomes nothing once again. Aside for a Spirit enjoying the experiences within the creation of life. But today he or she has forgotten the path of creation of it’s own spirit. A deep slow methodical sleep has overcome the Spirit of the Earth Adult (because he / she no longer connects, nor relates to it’s own source of divinity, revelation or intuition). Confusion, doubt, thoughtful contemplation of separation and unhappiness, loneliness, and a deep depressing void now replaces the miracles and hopes, blessing of an eternal loving spiritual being.

Who Am I? the Earthly Adult often wonders? For within the Earthly Adult……the child spirit knows the truth. Layer upon layers of experiences have lead the Earth Adult further and further away into the illusion of confusion and entanglement.

The spirit is free will and allows the Earth Adult to find his or her own spiritual pathway back to the place of love, back into the existence of love and creation within itself. The only question that remains is when? if not now………………………..

When does the spirit child, now an Earth adult awaken?

When does the child spirit, now an Earthly adult realize that he or she only experiences this earthly life as a piece of the spirit behind the veil?


Love Spirit Sunshine


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