I’m Gonna

I’m Gonna

Dance today, “Yes ma’am,” Yes sir-ee”, excuse me, If you know this feeling then you know My Spirit is alive and flowing…My body wants to connect in a jazzy movement of aliveness.

I’m gonna be  sash-shaying my body across the room floor; feet barely touching the floor, while at the same time moving my hips, rocking my legs back and forth, swaying carelessly like the wind, back and forth I rock like a Ocean-Liner on the Ocean.

I’m gonna twirl my body round and round, feeling the rhythm and melody and drum beats move through my body. I release the vibration of the music through my outstretched arms. My arms tingle as the energy moves down my arms to my finger tips which are spread open like a French Hand Fan, fluttering back and forth. I feel the positive energy flowing into me and being released back into my environment.

Today I’m gonna dance because I feel the expression of movement and I want to feel this way. It’s a great loving way that I express my Spirit. I feel so smooth and clear on the inside like the flowing of rushing water over the edges of a clear blue waterfall.

I embrace the Fresh look on my face when I glance in the mirror. I dance a little hop scotch three-step number over to the window. “Whew” I’m out of breath….maybe I should stop dancing?????

Nah……..”I’m gonna dance today” 🙂


Please…………Do something nice for your spirit today……it doesn’t matter if your singing loudly to your favorite song, sitting at the lake admiring the beauty of Nature,  reminiscing over a beautiful poem, b-day card or letter……or writing yourself a loving thoughtful note…or maybe your thing is to dance to today 😉 whatever it is that makes your Spirit sing, take out a moment and honor yourself. When was the last time you loved the spirit dance within?

Much love, peace, happiness, abundance, health, prosperity and joy to you.

Love Spirit Sunshine


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