Gentle Spiritual Nudges

A spirit guide is someone who will give you a gentle spiritual nudge onto the path of inner self discovery. The Spirt is a guide who guides you lovingly and gently. Her / His spirit is an essence which  nudges you onto the path that will ultimately lead you to the life of true lasting peace, love and acceptance within. Others will notice the spark of life within you. For your spirt is beaming with joy and radiance. The path that your guides have led you to is The life path which is a resonance of inner  love, peace, healthy relationships and abundance which comes from within to attract that which is without. You finally understand that you deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life with love and laughter.  The Spirit Guide guides you to a place where synchronicity meets your reality and thus you begin to create the environment conducive to your happiness  ( you meet the guy / gal of your dreams, you get that much needed job / promotion, doorways to a life of prosperity and abundance begin to flow to you and from you, you wake up each day feeling alive, refreshed and excited to meet each moment of your life ) because, you know in each moment  is a gift – the present! And in the present you feel inspired and empowered to do so many things to influence your life with positive energy, fueling your spirit for the good of man kind and yourself. No more do you spend your days and nights feeling depressed and lonely. You are surrounded by love from people who are emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy enough to love you back. You have more confidence and pep in your step because you know you are loved, supported, understood and accepted. Life becomes an enjoyable experience, you have found the right spirit guide right at the moment when you needed him / her the most. You smile because within you know when you meet this truly gifted Spiritual Being this is the moment that your life is about to change.

Much love, peace, prosperity, abundance, happiness, joy and health to you

Spirit Sunshine


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