Peace within yourself makes spiritual enlightenment a blessing

Truth is the most conclusive and the most incontrovertible information, whether you sense it about yourself or anyone else but to find that elusive reality is the big deal which we will make a walk in the park for you. You know what you are seeing and you also perceive of what is coming within yourself and the signals your soul is giving to you, but how you take it as a person is the real thing which will make the outcome a fruitful one. Nothing succeeds like success and nothing is better than realizing the above mentioned fact yourself.
As far as we are concerned, we guarantee a methodical process with the help of which we after proper interaction with, you can evaluate your circumstances and take stock of the experience that you share with us. The real time facts make it a relatively easier job to rationally forecast of what is going inside your system and what we can do to make it right. It is a joint and coordinated effort between you and us to make your spiritual world a perpetual living bliss. Moreover, it fills your soul with the verve and the vitality to make a positive space of people who are close to you in some way or the other.
You will feel the difference after going through a simple mechanism to rejuvenate and revive your innermost self and deep psyche. It is all about taking some time out for yourself while pondering and reflecting about yourself in an effort to make out what your soul needs for itself to nurture and grow in a right way. It is the fight of you with yourself, in which, if you are victorious, then you can win the whole world with that hard to do feat.
There is barely any intricacy and any rocket science to figuring out your spirits and disclosing your spiritual authenticity. Revealing your true colors and sparkling the lives of others will work wonders which will develop a sense of security and a feeling of contentment in your mind and your heart. The ultimate motto will be to sustain that spiritual mould for longer periods of time. It’s not that your soul is good at some time and no so at some other time which is why it is necessary to prolong the faith and self-belief with the transparency and purity of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and expressions.
Consistency of thoughts and persistency of actions is as much important as the fact you need to keep intimating that it will improve and embellish your existence to a nicety. Relive yourself and, clarify your thinking, magnify your strengths and transform your weaknesses either into your plusses or facing them by be being philosophical which is naturally a good way for soul healing. At the end of the day, this will help in in one respect which will make all respects good. How you make others feel about themselves tells a lot about your conscience and soul.

Spirituality unperceived liaison with quantum physics

All of us need our spirits to be high and to be spiritually sound and how can make it happen is the very query we will look into in this very excerpt. Our beliefs are the most pivotal in ascertaining our state of mind whether it is cheerful or on the sullen side. So, we have things in our control to manage the complicated activities going within but for that we need to know one thing which is that we are synonymous with energy and we give vibes that connect us to others. In fact, the vibrations and impressions that we are emitting is our message of life to other people.

Our mind is everything and what we think we become so one might as well be on the brighter side of affairs but at the same time also reality conscious. On the other hand, if we give negative stuff and evil thoughts in our minds, then we will become like that and we will imagine and perceive every other person with that eye which actually has nothing to do with reality. Taking care of our thoughts, beliefs, opinions and perspectives make us feel bad about ourselves when in solitude because everything we see has something that we have experienced in the past which is not always true. As a result, we must be ultra careful with the matter and stuff we put in the most important part of our body that is our head.

Whenever we meet people, we can either be a person with a half glass empty viewpoint or someone can somebody with a glass full dimension. We can be overriding, overbearing or we can be people with a heart of kindness and a mind of reception. Our actions, our gestures, our personality, our character and most importantly, our temperament play a crucial role in the reactions that we are tapping and eliciting from others which will ultimately determine how we are going to see ourselves spiritually.

Let us see ourselves from the side of the world. It’s a social and interactive world where we can only succeed when we act upon or influence each other in a positive manner and if we are good then there is hardly any wrong with the world around us. In a similar way, if we see ourselves with respect and dignity then it is good in away because we are respecting ourselves from every angle, but if we do it at the expense of hurting others then it will not only undermine others spiritually but you as well.

The purpose all the understanding pointed above is because we whatever is perceiving has no absolute association with the ground reality. There is only one thing in our hands and  that is if we help ourselves with this simple and clear philosophy that our lives is our message to the world. If it is vibrant, dynamic, leading and accommodating then it will be of enormous utility which you will experience after ensuring it.

Spirituality a path line for ultimate peace of human existence

People talk about being cross and offended with themselves and sometimes they become unbearable for themselves and for the people around their setting because they feel stressed, frustrated and disgruntled. There are many reasons and justifications as to why this dissatisfaction, lack of inner peace and their impolite behavior to their comrades, acquaintances and strangers that form a part of their social group. During one’s life, one may come across with diverse social interactions along with different pleasant and helical experiences that stuck and remain in one’s mindset and is depicted in our conversation, demeanor and outlook.

All of the aforementioned are our own created mind distractions and mental obstacles that prevent us from being positive or staying constructive. Without clearing your mind of these uncalled doubts, baseless judgments and restless behavior, one will always find his ombudsman asking questions that you have no answers. So, it becomes imperative to be in a state of solace, peace and contentment. Furthermore, there must also be peace of mind, peace of soul, peace of heart and above all peace of us with ourselves all of which is possible only when we explore ourselves, our ambitions and the true and real explanation of life.

Our conscience keeps on telling and giving us reminders everyday when we are about to go to sleep and it is completely reliant on us if we pay due heed to our soul call that is an absolute and the pure remedy to our spiritual imbalance and spiritual ambiguity. Conscience revealing and spiritual grace are noteworthy concepts that are worth studying, understanding and implementing. Knowing yourself outrightly, sifting through your thought process, your motivations and defining what makes you dispirited and demotivated. Besides, one must also assess one’s ulterior and self motives along with the actions we choose for people around us that are equally critical and mandatory.

It’s a vast and broad topic, but here I am highlighting the most prominent causes and factors that influence our spiritual world and how we can cope with it. Our beliefs, our core values, our emotional stability and how we are growing as a person in terms of our spirituality, spiritual discernment and spiritual realization. All of these things are working in a sophisticated way within our brain. All we need to do is to control our thoughts and emotions so that we can unwind and relieve our mind of negativity and drive our depression and mental discomfort.

We have made our mind to end these mental hiccups and mental illnesses once and for all with a great sense of purpose and sense of determination. We provide you the platform that you are seeking for to relax your mind and satisfy your soul in a bid to better your spiritual understanding with interactive sessions and useful guides that will build spiritual awareness and will harbor that much needed positivity. With a ppositive frame of mind, you will feel much better about yourself and will be your true self which will eventually trigger your spirits in the right direction.



A 7 day challenge to help you experience a fuller, peaceful and abundant life.

can't change people

First, STOP with the negative self talk and the negative degrading talk  that you aim at others and yourself.  Have you ever heard the saying “If you do not have anything nice to say, then do not say nothing at all”? This week, in less than 7 days. You can Find a new way to react to situations, people and experiences.

  1.  Every time you say or think negatively about another person or yourself, you are putting negative energy / karma out into the atmosphere. And a lot of people are struggling in life just because of negative motivations, karma and intentions they have put into place for others is resounding back to them.  (You know what goes around comes around).  Maybe the person who wronged you did not know they wronged you, I mean maybe. Did you know that energy is neither created nor destroyed.  So those negative thoughts and words are bouncing around out there and will appear somewhere?
  2. If two people have experienced a negative experience with one another, the solution is to TAKE action= forgive, forgive and forgive. Let it go…forgive some more.  Let it go……  This way the healing process can begin.  There is a big difference from putting out negative talk versus seeking effective creative ways for discussing an event that has taken place in your life.
  3. Always accept the responsibility for your part in the experience. Be honest with yourself.  Being free to relate the experience in a creative way is designed to free us, using positive words to describe the event will not keep us in bondage to the scenario.
  4.  As spiritual adults we know more often than not we will have to go through some negative life experiences connected with someone.  The key is to not let the negative story stay on repeat.  When we become aware of the scenario and actively seek healing and resolutions for this experience. We get the lesson. We break the cycle.  We become Free

To experience clarity in this area,  focus on your thoughts and words deliberately. Pay close attention to your thoughts.

For the next 7 days, write down every negative thought, feeling or emotion that you just can’t seem to shake about yourself or another person in a journal.  I know, I know It’s going to be a lot of writing.  But well worth it.

Try to connect the experience to something in your past that happened a long long time ago that has caused this issue to resurface. Always face the truth of the situation.  Talk it out with someone you respect, love and trust.  feel each emotion: shame, fear, guilt, humility into it’s entirety and then find the opposite positive emotion to cancel out the negative emotion = shame = new emotion (feeling empowered to say, think or do something different).

Synchronicity has brought this experience and this person to you.  The question you may be wondering is Why? (This is a clue:  Wherever you are, you are, so each lesson is always about you).

The lesson has shown up so it can be free.  Emotions and thoughts are not owned by you, they want to be released to go about their journey in the world to the next person who wants to learn the lesson.

What lesson do you think this experience has come to show you about yourself?  Is there a pattern to how you react to certain situations? people?

Do you attract certain story lines to yourself?  Always in Distress?  Finding relationships that always leave you feeling worthless? Powerless? Attracting situations, careers and scenario’s  where you have to keep repeating to yourself ” I am broke”  ” I have no money”? “Oh what am I going to do now”

The Universe is not prejudice.  It will send to you whatever energy you are vibrating within yourself.  So it’s up to you to change how your energetic self is showing up in this world.

Not being able to see a crystal clear vision for your life filled with happiness, abundance, opportunities, wealth, health and loving supportive relationships is a clear indicator that you are filled with “STINKING THINKING”

Is there some  iota of truth that maybe this experience and these kinds of situations / people keep popping up in your life because there may be an underlying belief attracting  you to feel worthless, broke and somehow like you deserve to be mistreated and disrespected in life.

The only way to find out is to give yourself a spiritual health check.  For the next 7 days, keep a journal about all the negative thinking that you may do in one day.  I promise you that at the end of the week.  You will have changed the way you see yourself and others.

Negative Experience:

Negative Thought:

Action words that make this thought have power over you:

What part did you play in the negative experience?

What part did the other person play in this negative experience?

Can you forgive the person and this experience?

Are you willing to stay in a relationship with this person or do you believe this person is not worth it?

Did you learn the lesson?

How do you feel these thoughts has brought awareness within your body or environment? (have you had frequent headaches, chest pains, fears, poverty, filled with anxiety, fidgety? lack, facing one situation or another constantly)? Blocking love?  Blocking prosperity?  etc.,

If you follow a thought to its origination you will discover it is a learned thought that incites certain behaviors, emotions, feelings and actions.

thought:  I am hungry

Feeling: tummy rumbling,

emotion: happy , excited

Actions: putting everything into place to get food.  (Order food, cook food, buy food) etc., a million actions are put into place by you and others to get food to you.  And did you notice how it all began with just a thought
“I am hungry”

With the information you just learned today, you can challenge yourself to change your world.




Understanding of Your Inner Spirit: INSPIRATION- Watch your Opportunites Grow!

The Kingdom of Heaven, The Kingdom of God is Within You. This Kingdom is a state of Consciousness, Intuition, Inner Knowing / Realization’s.

Man is a Trinity: Mind, Body & Soul

The Physical Body relates to the Physical Universe (the body is not life—-the body is of the earth and is an earthy manifestation that your spirit uses to get around in this world.

The physical body needs the right foods, this is why paying attention to what you eat is important
the right air (this is why paying attention and being aware of your breathing is important
what you drink (this is why drinking water is important) the body is almost 70% water

You mind needs the right thoughts (feed your mind with positive relationships, experiences and thoughts)

Your Soul needs spiritual food (love, acceptance, expressions, understanding and partaking in the self-discovery journey of who you are…..

Your body is the house of the spirit / soul that occupies and inhabits while your soul is here on earth (when you die the body goes back into the earth) your spirit and soul goes to the next life *so wouldn’t it be smart to live your life as if your already in heaven? So your spirit will return back to heaven?

Do you know how to live from the place of your spirit / soul’s expression?

Or do you try to control the world with your body?

What do you want to have within your body? a Hovel? A Mansion? A Temple? or a Pig-sty?

To Live From Within Your Spirit Is Your Divine Purpose

The seed of who we are comes forth from within the spirit / soul which comes directly from the Heaven’s and God….. (This is the secret of ACHIEVEMENT) Know the potential and opportunities of your spirit / soul………

Within each of our spirit and soul lies our seeds for good opportunities or bad opportunities (the seed’s that you nurture are the one’s that you will see manifest in your life)

And for those who just let the wind blow them all around the earth (this is what it is literally like to live from the body; those alive have no clue; the world leads them around by the nose…….they have been beaten up so badly in life and they just relent and take what life throws at them) there is no direction , no sense of obedience, dedication, and a fumbling around of the spirit trying to figure out how to live and survive in this world.


is the fault so plain in our sights that we do not notice that the good and bad of mankind lies within the use of free will choices and decisions?

The remedy for having a successful, peaceful life of achievement and blessings is to reverse the self-seeking faults, intentions and motivations by seeking to live by the pureness of our spirit and living in choices that are the will of the Creator (Heavenly Father ) God who created us. God created each human for good. God wants us to have a peaceful, blessed, abundant, prosperous, healthy life. However it is up to you to decide to choose love and good.

Choose your thoughts wisely -what you think you will see manifest itself in your life (*guaranteed)

Choose your emotions / feelings (if you are having a bad day) stop focusing on the negative and begin to speak of the things that you are thankful and grateful for) take your mind off of the negative things that people are saying and doing…. this is how you keep moving forward on your spiritual path and become a beacon of light to all those who see you.

Choose your Actions with care – take your time and reflect before you decide to go do anything. Stop rushing through your journey of life. STOP! Give yourself an opportunity to make sound minded, positive up lifting actions (backed up by your spirits / souls expression of positive thoughts, emotions and feelings)

Choose your words with Care – speak over yourself and over others with positive words. What you give out you will receive it back.

This is why it is so important to have the trinity of who you are (mind, body, spirit) moving in the same positive direction.

Always reach for the higher energy vibration’s
Seek love – not hate
seek peace & reconciliation – not division
seek abundance and prosperity – not lack and poverty
seek healthy – not sickness

This is why Jesus Christ Ministry was so powerful; he understood the inner workings of the Spirit better still than people who are living today! 2,000 years later.

Come on children of God….. get it together you are a spirit! Created for happiness, love, limitless possibilities, matchless opportunities and unbelievable and unspeakable joy!


Remember to pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, feelings,words and actions today…….

Are You That Brave Spirit? Soul?

You literally have to be a brave spirit / soul to embark upon the spiritual blessedness and pathway / journey of your souls destiny and purposes to find the love within your life experiences and relationships.

Matthew 5:3-12 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Blessed are the merciful, for they will see God.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me, Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

To be kind, nice, loving, healthy, a blessing to others and peaceful is our souls journey. This is the natural journey of and condition of the Human Soul / Spirit. Inside of each one of us is the doorway that allows us to access all of our patterns, thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s up to you to open and close the doors within yourself (which may I add brings to you the experiences that you meet in life). Doorways can be opened wide (and these doorways when opened properly can help you to manifest a life of great promise).

The Kingdom of God lives within each of us and looking deeply within our own souls to see the love within ourselves and the love God has for each of us and for the love others have for us. This is what is called the journey and path of life. Do not be afraid of your purpose. Which if this is the path you have chosen in life to find love within yourself and for your fellow mankind. This is where you will more than likely find your souls true peace, health, abundance and love. You see the keys to our own destiny lies deeply within each of us.

To find harmony, balance, love and peace you will nine times out of ten have to go deep within your own heart, soul, mind, and spirit to reveal the essence and consciousness of your experiences, relationships, careers, environments and the existence of your own life surroundings. And to these experiences we can grant the opportunity to send love from within ourselves to existing circumstances.

Finally releasing the negativity / patterns and experiences. Each and everyday you are the one creating your reality. Its when we begin to look within ourselves that all of our doubts, fears and weaknesses are looked upon with love and soon when love meets these negative thoughts, emotions, feelings, images and experiences the hurt, the hate, anguish, pain and unhappiness begins to dissolve and melt away. A hardship, a bad relationship, poverty, lack, fears etc., are all opportunities that has presented themselves to show you the way to your happiness and bliss. So while at the time these experiences may seem daunting and upsetting they really are opportunities that has disguised themselves.

And by going within your heart you can overcome negative relationships, experiences and actions and grow in spirit and in wisdom and come closer to living the life you are supposed to be living. The battles that everyone is supposedly fighting in this world is a raging war that has revealed itself from within. Becoming responsible for our lives, experiences, actions, words, thoughts, feelings and emotions is our life’s calling (our true purpose as humans and spiritual beings). Responsibility for the lives we are creating helps to determine our destinies.

Whether you will be happy, sad, in love, abundant etc., is the purpose that you are creating for yourself in each and every moment.

Today are you that brave spirit? soul? human? who will go within (heart, mind, soul) to find the love in all of your experiences and relationships?

Have you learned what works for you and what does not? What patterns are you consistently repeating? Do you have any happiness within when you cause another pain and sorrows? Can you Find the space within yourself when you don’t have the heart any more to cause another unhappiness.

Can you let another human being pass safely by without having to say and do anything mean to them?

Can you begin today to tell yourself “I am the one responsible for my life and my experiences”?

Today can you make the decisions to walk the path where there are no more tears to spread in your relationships?

No more sadness of rejections and abandonment in your experiences? No more pain from trying to control others choices / decisions to not support us or help us to the experience place of happiness (which is really what we owe to ourselves?


Today my love create for yourselves a life of happiness, joy, peace, love, abundance, prosperity, health and healthy relationships.  This is the life you deserve to have.  God bless you






“The First time someone shows you who they are, Believe Them” Mayou Angelou

Hello my Love,

I pray all is well with you.  I hope you are continuing to strive for the good things instead of the negative things in life.  I pray that you are enjoying striving for the journey of diminishing negative events, negative experiences and negative people from your lives.  We all have to do this from time to time.

Striving to live from a place of love and happiness is not an easy task on the path of life, so many negative, experiences, events and people can come into our lives. You don’t even have to invite these negative people!  Sometimes these people can come into your life because they like the center stage and their ultimate goal is to pull you into the dark cave of negativity and darkness from whence they came. 

This is when you can choose to step up to the plate and say to negative people “I SEE YOU”  once you let those whose negative

cynical perceptions, ideas and thoughts become aware that you “SEE THEM” and you don’t block their vision and dreams to live within their own perceptions of sadness and misery (which is their life). Yet, they will try to bring these kinds of dysfunctions of being into your life. Until you verbally tell them to stay in their own dark cave, they will come to try to take the light of love and happiness from your life.

For whatever reasons negative people show up, my guess is that spiritually, mentally, emotionally they live within a place that is surrounded by hatred, judgments, sadness and misery (and we all know that misery loves company, its amazing how negative people can find lots of people to be negative with them…..) so negative people are more than happy to keep you living in their negative worlds and spirals of unfair judgments, opinions of negativity and unhappiness, they would love for you to share this outlook with them. 

Hmmmm, my question to negative people is “If you are not happy being miserable, why invite other people to live in a life of misery with you?”

Life is too short for all the drama’s………………………….. especially when you can choose happiness instead.  Choosing to have a life that is sweet! Is more rewarding.  LOVE  is way more inspiring and attractive than living in negativity or HATE.

Let other people have their misery and you can focus more on your happiness.

Negativity, spites, and hate coming from within the person is a revelation of who they are. Continue to seek your path of true love, health and abundance.  This is your life so it is up to you to choose people who will uplift you, support you, motivate you and encourage you.

When you see venom and poison coming out of negative persons opinions, voices, and their own constant non-stop thoughts of others are negative, spiteful, humiliating or downgrading then this is when you recognize and know who the person is by their own verbal admissions of cynicism, negative opinions, negative perceptions, beliefs and thoughts.

I choose to love the person and become mindful of their behavior and mannerisms.  And then I strive to become an even more loving person. Thinking of the good benefit of those people who live in continuous negative thoughts and patterns. 

Being in relationships with this kind of negative person can be very challenging. You never know from one moment to the next what is going to set them off.  You never know what they are going to complain about from day to day, and you never know what it will take to make them happy.  Most of the time they are never happy, and probably never will be.

You have to ask yourself what is more important?  Being in love with life and striving to have happiness, joy, peace, love and abundance in your own life

Or spending your time focusing on negative people and who they show you that they are.

My love my advice to you today is you can choose to ignore negative people (the world is full of them) and once (they show you who they are; see them for who they are); send prayers of love to them and then continue to ignore the negative people some more and keep living, doing and being happy 🙂






“Negative and D…

“Negative and Dysfunctional people are walking physical cancers to your happiness ….

Deciding to Keep them around at some point spiritually, mentally you will die” –
Tyrese Gibson
Beware of ‪#‎SpiritKillers‬ ‪#‎DreamKillers‬